Where Have I Been?

jakesrpicI am not sure how to start this entry.  I have not written a serious blogpost in almost two years.  I look back and I see drafts, full of thought, yet not published for one reason or another.  Two years ago I was a self proclaimed social media guru.  I presented to groups of educators about, pushed staff to adopt, and cajoled the community to follow the many ways social media could enhance learning and connectedness.  Yes, connectedness, not even a word really, yet this network of social media had me plugged into the best things being done in schools. Things all changed for me in October of 2014 with this simple question:  “Dad, am I going to die?” My just turned 18 year old son was having an intense headache.  My response was “of course not.”  Little did I realize how harrowing the experience we would have on our journey to make that “of course not” come true.  By the end of that day my son had been tied to a hospital bed for fear he could hurt a hospital staff member or himself.  What would become the most unreal of realities unfolded in the next year and a half.  The best doctors we could find were totally puzzled by what was happening to our child.  Instantaneous answers for his problem did not exist and connecting to experts did not produce an answer to what was wrong.  Google could not give me an explanation to what was happening. My son went from being a straight A, top of the class student, to not even being able to recognize me as his father.  My beliefs about our system of education and the purpose for what we do were about to be turned upside down forever.  In my next several posts I hope to share how this experience has shaped the lives of my family and has emboldened me to fight for what is right in education for the years I have left in my career.

6 thoughts on “Where Have I Been?

  1. Thanks for writing this Dave. Jake and your family has been through an incredibly difficult ordeal and using this media to educate is an inspiration. Please know I continue to pray for all of you every day and send my love!

  2. Hey buddy. Wow. I cannot even imagine going through this. I truly look forward to hearing more. I have missed you in my network (and I, too, have backed off a bit from SM but not for a reason as important as this). Sending all my love… thank you for sharing this.

    • Thanks Chris! I look forward to re-engaging in SM as time allows. Have missed reading about your family and your thoughts about education as well!

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  4. The fact that you felt compelled to write again is a sign of healing. You and your family have endured more than anyone should ever have to endure. However, I do believe prayers are being answered. The future is always unknown, but I’m thrilled to know you have that small spark again! Looking forward to more posts!

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