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The early September post for #compelledtribe was to be about my use of technology or the use of technology by my staff.  I have found over the past several years that I can get my staff to try things when it comes to using technology to enhance learning, but every now and again it is good to let someone else on staff show how they are using technology because they can show the practical use of it as well as use a different approach than I do.  For our early September staff inservice, I asked a staff member to show how she was using an online application called to post her weekly lesson plans for students and parents to view.  I have asked the PHS staff to post lesson plans online for the past five years.  As a teacher I hated writing lesson plans in a plan book.  The only people who looked at the plan book were me and the principal…..(maybe).  I ask teachers to post lesson plans so parents and students have access to the plans in case they have questions or are going to miss class.  I ask my staff to post them in such a way that a parent could read the lesson plan and be able to ask their student questions about the lesson based on the plan. allows staff to post lesson plans in a neat and uniform way.  It allows a teacher to cut and paste between classes and has a great collection of standards from every state that a teacher can add to lessons from a drop down menu.  As the building principal, I am not concerned about parents finding which Common Core standard is being taught this week in math, but other administrators might find this useful.  I like the fact that all of the staff lesson plans have the same format and clean look. is free to individual users.  There is a cost if you want the teachers to be able to collaborate using the site.  Here is a sample from one of our teacher’s lesson plan sites:


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  1. Always! Thanks for sharing! Run with the idea of having staff share out their tech! I did it for the ENTIRE year last year. For the first 15 minutes of each staff meeting, 5-7 teachers shared in small groups. By the end of the year, EVERYBODY had shared. Even made certificates for them! The loved it!
    Good Luck!

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