#Gearingup Here We Go 2014-15!

orange PHSThe final weeks of preparation for the new school year are quickly slipping by and I am gearing up for the beginning of the last year of education in this grand old building we call Paris High School.  She has seen a lot of things in her time and has served her purpose well.  I am not sure about the rest of you (folks here in Paris), but this last year here will be somewhat bittersweet.  We have sent out into the world many successful young people from this place.  Through over a hundred years of service this building has seen many changes in the way high school students are educated, but the goals really remain the same: Preparing well educated individuals, ready for the next step, their potential fostered and refined with the hope they will contribute the betterment of their community, state and country.  The students that have left this institution meeting those goals did so because a staff was dedicated to those students as individuals and willing to make the effort to see that each individual was challenged and pushed to meet the requirements in front of them.  This year I am going to take a simple approach with goals.  Goals can be complex and lengthy and I know from experience that the focus is hard to keep when the mission is too complex. Goal one:  Work to build on the strengths of staff members and facilitate growth by encouraging them to share their strengths with others.  We have a very talented staff and we need to quit getting bogged down and demoralized by talking about what we do not do well.  We must build on our strengths, of which there are many. Goal two:  Find the positive in every situation.  Every crisis and every challenge creates an opportunity.  I need to set a tone for the building that shows we can handle each and every challenge and turn out better off for the effort.  The building climate needs to be a top priority for me and the students will be the benefactors. I can’t wait for the students to get here in a week and a half.  They always show up with what seems to be a boundless amount of energy and we need to capitalize on it and give them reasons to want to continue to come back everyday!  Here is to a great 2014-15!

5 thoughts on “#Gearingup Here We Go 2014-15!

  1. Having a good perspective is so important – it’s easy to dwell on the negatives, but true growth happens when you shift that into a positive view. I’m sure it’s bittersweet to come to the end of an era – to think of the lives that have been transformed, the fingerprints left on the glass. Wishing you the best start ever —

  2. Great post Dave! I too like your goals. My pre-back to school staff retreat was last week and we talked about some similar things. My focus was on passion. As a staff we used Dave Burgess and Talk Like a Pirate as our conversation starter. Goes well with your goal about focusing on what we do well!
    Thanks for sharing and I appreciated your writing!

  3. I love the goal #2: Finding the positive! This is so important for us and something we sometimes overlook or just do not take notice of. I am going to make this a goal of mine, as well. Thank you!

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