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photo (10)Sometimes I get an idea in my head that will not go away.  Not all of these ideas are good ones but they make me feel like Richard Dreyfuss’ character in the Close Encounters of the Third Kind, (most of you will have to Google it), where he had to keep trying to shape things into Devil’s Tower. The following idea is one that continues to take shape in my mind and I am not sure where it is going (and like the linked clip, folks are probably looking at me kind of funny).  Using some funds from our vending machines, I bought a college pennant for every member of our staff.  The pennant represents either where the staff member went to school themselves or where their children attended college.  People are usually proud of their alma mater and are proud to talk about it.  I bought pennants with the idea that they would be talking points for teachers and students alike as the discuss education, both in the future tense and in the past tense.  A few weeks after the pennants showed up I got the idea about each faculty member telling their story in a short video.  This idea crystallized during a meeting I attended about community mentoring in schools.  We were discussing how hard it was to get people to come in during the school day and I mentioned the video idea to the group.  How adults could share their stories via video with the local students and they could connect using social media.  The idea morphed as I talked about it.  It came to me as I was speaking, that since the goal was to get students to contemplate their future, why not have students also make videos about their plans for the future and the action steps they need to do to get there.  The adult videos will be grouped into a genre called the “Road Followed” and the students’ work will be grouped together in a collection called “The Road Forward”.  Not sure if I know where this is going yet?  Or if I even am sure I want to pursue it?  But, in order to get others to think about the possibilities, I made a sample video about my “Road Followed”  The challenge was to try to make it informative yet short.  It may seem self serving, (and maybe it is) but I want to know if my idea has any merit….so, here is the video.  Any thoughts, ideas, or criticisms would be appreciated in the comments section!  If the video does not work, follow this link:

6 thoughts on “The Road Forward

  1. This sounds interesting, but I have a couple of questions. What would you do with the completed videos? Provide a link on the PCHS website? Show it at Open House and pt conferences? At graduation?
    Also, wouldn’t it be somewhat unwieldy to do all of the students? Might you only do a single class? Or do freshmen and redo them as seniors and put their clips together for graduation or to show on mentoring day near the end of their senior year? Just some thoughts. . . .

    • Good questions. The videos could be housed on each students individual Google account and linked to Youtube. I am not sure that making the students video available to the public is the most important part of this project. I think the process and considerations are the most important pieces for the students. I am thinking it becomes part of a project that starts the freshman year in homeroom and is finished with a completed video the senior year??????

  2. I am assuming the video talks about your decision to follow your chosen major and your choice to follow a career in education. I am not sure yet as it will not allow me to view at this time. The idea sounds like a good one, I think students may only view the dissent of their favorite teachers but it is a sound idea to get them thinking more about the future. I also think that it makes even more sense to have people who are in the students career choice to be added to this project maybe it will give them one more idea as to how they need to get it in gear to pursue their dreams. I do not believe this should be only limited to those of us with college degrees but associate degrees should also be considered. It is really an unrealistic goal to think that all students will graduate with a bachelors degree and I think they know it as well but an associate degree from a community college in an area they find interesting is a much more obtainable goal for some. Sorry to be a downer, I do believe that you can achieve anything if you put your mind to it but some need to pursue it in steps. Maturity is a wonderful thing and with maturity some achieve greatness.

    • Mrs. Powers,
      I completely agree with your suggestion that we need people to join the project from widely varied backgrounds. There are many people that have found vocational and life success without a college degree. That path needs to be explored. The stories of people who took some time after high school to figure out where they were headed need to be added. Thanks for chiming in!

  3. I think this idea has the potential to be something pretty great. I’m not sure how one would fit it in logistically but I think it could be a fantastic tool for connnecting our students and community. The link to your video didn’t work for me though.

    • Rob, I have added a new link in case you want to view the video directly from youtube. I think it becomes a project that is not associated with a class. The most logical place to talk about the “path forward” outside of your class is homeroom. What do you think?

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