On Reflection

chloecandyI started this blog seven years ago as a means of refection and communicating with my school community.  Sometimes I have written to clarify my thinking, other times I have written with the sole purpose of being read.  I have struggled lately to write here, to contribute to the discussions and resource sharing happening on Twitter, and I have struggled to reflect productively.  I could blame it on the fact that I serve as principal/superintendent for a school that is building a new building and considering consolidation all at the same time.  I could blame it on the fact that I have two teenage children who vie for my time. I could blame it on the fact that I was born under the Chinese Sign of the Horse and this just is not my year……  Those are all just excuses.  I have time. I need motivation.  I will admit that I have been somewhat disillusioned because my purpose for writing here was not always about improving myself or my school, sometimes it has been more about how many folks react to my posts or how many “hits” I could generate.  For me, in order to make my participation in the “connected” world of educators valuable, there has to be a benefit to my building.  Somewhere, somehow, I had lost awareness at just how much I have changed, and how much the school where I work has changed in the last seven years. After receiving a gentle nudge, and realizing that I have not been doing my part to mentor some fellow administrators, I took some time to think about reflecting publicly and leading in a transparent manner.  After reading some of my post from the last seven years, I have become determined to double down on my efforts to reflect on my practice in a public way and most important of all, engage with other practitioners who lead in education.  It is the only way I will grow….. To be continued……

(about the photo: My dog Chloe. I put that photo in because this is my blog and I wanted to)

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