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trustEasy to define.  Not so easy to achieve.  Trust is built over many interactions and sometimes is lost instantaneously with one bad choice.  Without trust a leader has little ability to build relationships or to motivate staff.  A leader must realize that trust is not about being right.  Trust is about being real.  It is about being able to admit mistakes and say you are sorry.  It is about listening and caring about other’s points of view.  It is about seeking input and making real considerations of the input received. Ultimately, building trust is based on trusting others. My sixteen years of building leadership have humbled my pride and taught me that I what do not know greatly exceeds what I do know.  I have to know my strengths, but even more important, I need to know my weaknesses and to be able reach for help when I need it.  Trust requires transparency and open reflection. I must admit that I am not as good at building trust as I should be.  I know experience has helped me grow, but I am not done growing yet. If fact, the moment I am done growing, it will be time for me to let someone else lead, because if I am unable to demonstrate my own growth, how can I expect staff and students to grow?  If I do not have their trust, why would they accept my challenge in the first place?

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4 thoughts on “Trust #SAVMP

  1. Trust is so important when building relationships with others. If our students do not trust us they will not feel safe to learn. You wrote that trust is something built over many interactions, and can sometimes be lost instantaneously with one bad choice. I found this to be a very powerful statement. We will all make mistakes in life, and that is why transparency is so important. Admit to one’s mistakes and learn from them. Sometimes I feel people feel they are more open than they really are. Reflecting then taking action is a good thing. Thank you for sharing your thoughts on this. 🙂

    • Thank you for taking time to comment. In your experience how have teachers and leaders managed to grow trust? What should we not do in order to maintain it?

  2. So very true! I assume you thought of this topic after our gathering yesterday. Trust really is at the core of this consolidation issue. I must say that I trust you completely. I have trusted you since I was in your psychology class all those years ago. I value your opinion in this issue. Thank you for answering my question yesterday. You helped put it into perspective.

    • Melinda,

      I was actually responding to a prompt from an administrator mentoring group I am participating in. I have to be honest and say that I know that I have not followed what I wrote in the post at all times. The post is as much a reminder for me as it is a passing on of advice from a seasoned administrator. Thanks for stopping by!

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