Future High School

From Dr. Cook’s Blog—-

High School

The high school of the future will look completely different from the typical American high school that has produced generations of graduates. Gone will be the packed hallways and kids with backpacks waiting for the bell to prompt them to their next task. As high school transforms, there will be opportunities for students to attend college earlier, vocational opportunities that will allow students to enter the “real” world much earlier. How this impacts you now? Well, if you teach High School it will be extremely important to justify your position (think beyond current state mandates such as I teach Physical Education and it is required for four years). You need to make your class/learning so important that you have a line out of your class of students wanting to get a chance to learn.

Maybe a little uncomfortable to think about but, from my perspective, something we need to embrace as we talk about what we need to do for students!  Why do students need to take my class?  Why do students come to this school?  It will be turned upside down…. sooner that later!

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