Paris Tiger Style!

I know it is nothing original these days for schools to create “lip dub” videos that display their school’s students, activities and clubs, and other identifying traditions by enthusiastically lip syncing to popular music.  Last month Paris High School joined the ranks of high schools that have made one of these productions.

Our stated objective was to create a video to use as a part of freshman orientation to show students important aspects of student life and to impress upon prospective students that school spirit and school community are very important parts of what we are. A talented group of students took on the task of writing, organizing, planning, editing and producing the video. Original lyrics were put together and performed for the video. Students created choreographed scenes and worked to make them fit into the video’s theme.

The video is not perfect, (but it is pretty darn good if you ask me) but it represents a series of changes that are transforming our learning community. We are making our school more collaborative and academically integrated. We have worked hard to build empathy, and school community that revolves around not just student achievement, but also emphasizes acceptance and teamwork.

As I watched the project unfold, I was very proud of our student body and teaching staff as they worked seamlessly to create banners, signs, and plan on how best display our different school groups and clubs.  Because we have worked hard to build strong relationships among all of the people and stakeholders at PHS, I really think our identity comes across in this video.  We have learned to work together.  We have learned to depend on one another to get things put together.  We have become proud of our Paris Tiger Style!

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