Saturday Morning Reflections 2/9/13

Photo: frenchdoc's flickr photostream

Photo: frenchdoc’s flickr photostream

Can you believe Valentines Day is this week? Mardi Gras? This means that spring break is six weeks away. My internal calendar says Thanksgiving. Time flies anymore. Could it be that each year becomes a smaller percentage of my life and the perception is that time is going by faster? I guess I need to make each day count if they are going to keep going by faster!

Quote that had the most impact on me this week? “The surest way to keep people from stealing your joy is to give it away freely.”

from dianecordell's flickr photostream

from dianecordell’s flickr photostream

Are we about to become extinct? From  Will Richardson:

I’ve been saying for quite some time that if you want to get a sense of what’s in store for education, look at what’s happening to journalism. Reporters and writers are now everywhere. Content and news is everywhere. It’s changing the very nature of the business.

Same for education, just that now it’s content and teachers that are increasingly everywhere you turn. The economics are the hard part…what happens when you need scale to make a living? What happens when teachers find themselves competing with other teachers for students? What happens when school is something you organize for yourself?

Pretty sure we’re about to find out…

…And I have been saying for quite sometime myself:  If we do not change the way we deliver education in our public schools, the reform movement is going to shut us down.  If lecture, worksheets, quizzes and homework are your tools, you just as well be using slates, slide rules, and sending kids to the outhouse for breaks.  Learners want to learn what they are interested in and want to do so at their pace, in an environment that is vastly different than today’s classrooms.  Free market education?  Pretty sure the traditional school loses that competition.  Ok….not following the quote above?  Not trying to steal your joy, honest!  I think the challenge of creating a school that drops tradition and values the learning and learners would be a joyous task.  Free us from the shackles of mandate based funding please!

Speaking of valuing learning and learners, the following tweet has me thinking:(PD=Teacher learning activities)

I really like the how a small part of the PHS faculty has come together to do a book study.  I had nothing to do with it.  I have participated in a limited way (missed several sessions because of really important stuff, I just don’t remember what). They read, they share, they come up with ideas.  It is a small group, but they are tackling a tough and important subject.  My job as a learner and leader is to make sure I find a way to fertilize this thing and make it grow.  A big thank you to the staff who are participating!

Well Mom, until next week keep warm and download Ruzzle, I will play you a few games. (If you have read this far, you and my mother are the only ones).




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