Being a Learner

cheesecake<——Looks good huh?  Double Mocha Cheesecake.  Made by yours truly. Two layers even! Don’t ask me why, but for some reason I had a yearning to learn how to make cheesecake.  The effort you see here is cheesecake number four for me….in the last two weeks.  My family thinks I am off my rocker a bit.  This new learned skill is a little tough on the waistline, but it is palette pleasing.  Why do I share my new passion?  I would not be a school leader if I did not demonstrate a little imbalance from time to time. It may be a little weird for me to be making cheesecakes but I am stretching my abilities.  I think it is important for all educators to show that they continue to learn on a regular basis.  We should not expect our students or staff to stretch themselves if we are not willing to.  My school community knows that we are building a new building and I cannot begin to describe how steep the learning curve is for me.  The new building and all of the research and decision making will affect education in Paris for years to come.  With all the energy expended with the new building, I cannot help but think that I have been neglecting current staff development and student learning.  A few weeks ago I announced I will be considering buying some Chromebooks for several classrooms.  As we move closer to a 1:1  learning environment, I want my staff to learn more ways to engage student using in-class technology.  Edmodo is one online system to manage classroom activities and resources.  I do not know much about it, but that is going to change.  Cheesecakes may become a little less common. (my belt will be thankful!) I am going to learn to use Edmodo and challenge my staff to do the same.  Ok, so I never really answered the question: What do cheesecakes and Edmodo have in common?….They are “things” I must conquer!  Learn on my friends!

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