One Hundred and Thirty Fortnights Ago…..(35 in dog years)

September 18, 2007, I posted my first blog on what would become the PCHSdirectorBLOG.  I had no idea what to write so I simply copied a description of the school I had written for a brochure and published it.  As I wrote more entries, I found that I was writing to myself about my thoughts and ideas about Paris High School.  My focus early on was about the use of technology in the classroom and engaging students with learner centered activities.  As I grew more comfortable expressing myself in this space, I started criticizing education policy and advocating for changes in our school system based on the work of practicing educators, not politicians or philanthropists.  I have written to students, parents, our local staff, and to the education world in general.  I am not sure that I have changed anything but me, but I know this, writing is a cathartic activity that forces me to grow and examine my own thoughts and philosophies about the profession I love.  On this fifth “Blogoversary” I have decided to rededicate myself to writing in this space and pushing myself and the learning community to consider new ideas and follow my lead.  In order to get my staff to follow, I must lead by example and continue to learn transparently here.

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