#Leadership Day 2012

To All Who Lead by Design, by Proxy, or by Accident,

Dare to take risks, dare to put yourself out there, dare to fail, most of all be a transparent learner. Write to yourself in a public place, like a blog. Make videos. Put them online for students, teachers and parents to view and learn with and about you. Use technology to engage your staff. If you are not willing to be the change you want to see to make education better for students, maybe it is time to sell insurance or take up some other noble profession. You need to connect with resources outside of your local networks. Be bold enough to try connecting using Twitter, LinkedIn or Facebook. Better yet, try all three. Be the person your staff, colleagues, and students can look to and say, “See, she/he was able to do that, I should be able to as well.” Most of  all, push the envelope enough to make it comfortable for people around you to try something new. Schools need to be places where innovation, creativity, and risk taking are valued. If you as a leader show that you value those qualities and actions by being a doer, your learning community will likely follow! Most of all be bold!

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