A Cheerful Anecdote


Staff, The other day I was asked to present at one of the local service clubs about our proposed academy program for next year. When I was finished, I asked if there were any questions or comments. A parent stood (I was thinking oh no….here we go) and said, “Mr. Meister, I just want to say (and she paused for effect) that I am so pleased with how your teachers are so open and willing to help us!” “I have received more phone calls this year from your staff than I ever have and they have either been complimentary toward our (student) or very helpful.” “At open house, everyone was so friendly and all the teachers took the time to have a personal conversation with us.” “Staff was out in the hallways, smiling and very helpful while we tried to find our way around.” “We really appreciate what your staff has done to keep us informed and make us feel welcome.” “We also love the lessons and grades online.”

Needless to say, I was very proud to have this said in front of a large audience of community leaders and several of our Board members! We can win over students and their parents one conversation at a time. THANK YOU! and keep up the EXCELLENT work! Communication is so important!


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