Building a New PCHS

The current Paris High School was completed in 1909 with students and teachers occupying the new building in February of that year.  The building has served the Paris community well for over a 100 years.  Last spring, the Boards of Education in Paris asked their constituents for permission to sell $12,000,000 in bonds to finance a new high school.  Those funds, combined with a little over $24,000,000 in school construction funds from the Illinois Capital Development Board acquired by a grant written by Paris Community Unit School District No. 4, will be used to build a new school on 65 acres donated by the City of Paris.

We are currently in a holding pattern with this project waiting on the funding from the state to be released.  Detailed design will not begin until that money is release as the two Boards of Education have promised their constituents they would not sell bonds and raise taxes until the states portion of the cost is guaranteed.  Although we cannot begin the detailed planning, we can begin to think about the new building and the learning spaces it will contain.  There are so many decisions to made about the new learning environments.  A new building will help shape the experiences of our students for many years to come and no decision can be made in haste.  The past two weeks we have been viewing learning spaces the exist in our area.  Several videos have been made to detail what has been seen. Four of them are posted below: (all pictures and video taken with iPad II edited with iMovie)

Thank you to the officials of these schools for taking their valuable time to show us their facilities!

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