Learner Frustration! Old Dog-New Tricks

Photo by phsprincipal

We have to remember that learning new things can be very frustrating.  My experience this week certainly has been that way.  I have several things I am working on in my very scarce spare time and when things did not go right this week, frustration set in.  Sometimes the necessary gets in the way of what we are passionate about.  Talk to your students. They get very frustrated when what they want to learn about is overshadowed by what they “have” to learn about.  For this blog I have decided to start with the positive first. Last week when Ken Royal tweeted out about administrators interviewing about positive things they are doing in their practice, I decided to jump in.  To create my part of the interview, I downloaded Audacity and made an audio file for the The Royal Treatment. Full disclosure:  I had used Audacity before to make recordings so technically, I re-learned how to do it.  I did use YouSendit.com for the first time transfer my audio files to be used on the podcast.  Here is a short screencast with a demonstration of how I made my audio file (apologies to those devices without flash!)
Unable to display content. Adobe Flash is required.

Now for the frustrating part for me.  As you know, I learned how to download and edit video using my iPad, so I have decided to make a fantastic Christmas lipdub using my iPad.  The problem is that there is no way to create multiscreen edits with the iPad that I have found.  So I have down loaded the free movie editor called Lightworks.  Lightworks seems to be a fairly powerful, open source(free), movie editor.  The learning curve is quite steep for this old dog though.  It has been hard for me to put together my lipdub, having started over many times because I have very little ability to be entertaining unless I am unintentionally screwing something up.  Hopefully it will come together before Christmas!???

Next on the horizon: How to create a website using Drupal.


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