Making a Difference, One Student at a Time

I love the bits and pieces of knowledge that are shared via my online learning network!  Yesterday somebody tweeted a link to Seth Godin’s latest blog about preparing for the next great breakthrough /calamity which started me thinking about one of our ongoing agendas here a PCHS.  Like any school we have a group of students that are very hard to motivate.  We are in constant discussions about how to get these students to care.  We are changing our program to interest based academies to tap into students’ wants and needs.  We have implemented a school wide mentoring program.  We have created multiple ways for students to get extra help, yet we rub our foreheads and bemoan the fact that there are just too many students that are not motivated.  We have to quit worrying about those students as a group and address them one at a time.  We can win some students over by giving them extra attention and showing that we care.  It is analogous to the starfish story in which the hero knows he cannot throw all the stranded starfish back in the ocean, but can throw in as many as he can.  By caring for them, by pushing and pulling them, as well as enticing and cajoling them, we will make a difference, one student at a time.

Photo courtesy of Lara Warman’s Photostream on Flickr

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