Speaking of Silk Purses and Sow’s Ears: The Problem with Standardization

Some folks presume to know what kind of “silk purse” we all need to carry. The problem with that is not only does everyone not want a silk purse, there are a lot of people that want no purse at all!  All encompassing presumptions make for bad decision making!  (and yes, I am speaking metaphorically here)  The part that really starts to get under my skin is when both educators and the experts who are not educators start talking about “sows’ ears”!  Standardization on a large scale is what is wrong with what we do now, and it forces us to think about what we teach, and whom we teach in the wrong way!  For what it is worth,  don’t ever refer to my kids, or students anywhere as “sows’ ears” (or bad blueberries or whatever euphemism was used in the last story you heard about unteachable kids).  You see, we need to individualize where we can, “unstandardize”, if you will, so all of our kids can reach their potential.

Creative Commons photo courtesy of by Randy Son Of Robert on Flickr