Has Blogging Rocked My World?

What has creating the PCHSdirectorBLOG and writing about education and technology done for me? How has writing here changed me or the way I approach my work? Have I learned anything? I know this for sure……I know less than I thought I did.  Thinking in this public space has forced me to acknowledge that I do not have all the answers. Not only have I had to admit to not “knowing” it all, but realizing that fact has made me eager to learn more about just about everything to do with my passion, educating the youth of my community. Writing this blog has given me a great way to reflect and refine my thinking about many of things I do everyday and explore many of the current trends in education. When I was challenged to write a blog (by my school librarian), I had no idea that participating in the world of education blogs would lead me to joining a learning network that includes some of the brightest minds in education today.   In a way, writing here has led to a lot of frustration.  I think the online network of educators that I interact with are primarily progressive types who long for meaningful change in the way we do our jobs.  The lack of true change is very frustrating especially for an educator like me who has children currently in the system.  That fact has created a sense of urgency that schools have to change now. We cannot afford to waste time doing what we have always done.  Blogging has led me to understand that my most important role is that of lead learner.  I have to continually demonstrate for my staff and my students that learning is the goal, and knowledge is the result of our endeavors.

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One thought on “Has Blogging Rocked My World?

  1. Dave,

    I too have found that technology and blogging has connected me with some brilliant people. I have learned so much.

    Lately though my blogging has just not been happening. I am not reading as much and have not posted in weeks. I feel guilty because I do not feel I am helping others and/or contributing as I used to. I am not sure if I have writers block or just need a new method of sharing thoughts and experiences.

    I do believe I need to reduce the amount of information I am receiving. One blog that will stay is yours (and a few other admin. blogs) The amount of information out there is astounding and a person needs to filter what comes in through RSS.

    The personal connections, through blogging and Twitter are of great importance to me. The learning from others is awesome. When we see great ideas that can be implemented easily, I too become frustrated when they aren’t implemented in our buildings at a faster rate.

    Keep up the good work. I hope to connect with you more often.


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