Student Centered Project Based Learning

Paris Cooperative High School is transforming itself into a school with a more engaging program that challenges its students with high expectations and student centered learning activities.  We have tried to raise achievement scores with reading programs that span the curriculum and math immersion classes for students at risk.  We have had some moderate success with some students but test preparation only works for students who see a need to do well on tests.  Our students who miss less than five days of school score well above average on our state measures.  Students who miss more than five days of school per year do below average.  We have to do more to engage our students and connect what our students do in school with things they are passionate about.  We can only make a difference for those who see that we can prepare them for what they want to do when they leave us.  We are going to do our first all school thematic unit/event this fall. This winter we will begin to roll out our new Academies program.

#Pumkinpalooza2011 will involve all students and curricular areas in an event with a medieval theme and corresponding classroom activities.  Below is a student made video to begin the introduction of the activities.


Picture courtesy of Big Swede Guy’s Photostream on Flickr

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