They are Watching Us!

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They have seen the best of us.  How we react on instinct to help our neighbors. That we are willing to give our last bit of energy, our last hour, or as demonstrated in tragedies we are memorializing this 9/11, willing to give our last breath to help one another.  The human spirit is capable of such amazing strength, courage, and selflessness.  Our children watch, they remember, and they imitate us.

They have also seen the worst of us.  They see how we turn our back on our neighbor because helping is inconvenient.  They see how we horde what we own, envy what we do not have and attack those who are different.  The human animal is capable of such indifference, uncaring, and outright cruelty.  Our children watch, they remember, and they immitate us.

Stop.  Look around you.  What message are you sending?  Are we doing what it takes to be that role model that can transcend the basic human needs and therfore able to personify what is best about the human spirit?

As I look in the mirror this Patriot Day, I am sure that I need to resolve to be better.  Whether I like it or not, as an educator I am in a position of influence and I must make sure I model what is best for my children, my family, and my school community.  I know that it is easy to be the critic.  To find fault and shine a light on what will not work is the easiest job in the world for it takes no true talent.  What takes talent and intelligence is to find ways to get things done, to bring people together, find common ground, procure resources, and build what did not exist before.  To me, this is the American Spirit.  The one I want my children and the students of my community to exemplify.  Let us resolve to build, not tear down; to find solutions, not find fault; to identify common ground and work toward a common goal.  We owe this to our children, to ourselves, and to the Americans who built this great nation.

Our children watch, they remember and they immitate us.

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