So, it is all over but the…plane ride (ISTE11)

I have spent the last four days immersed in one of the best learning environments I have ever been exposed to.  The ideas and concepts have been eye-opening to say the least.  I have asked many of my colleagues, no make that friends, what the one thing they learned that stood out while here at ISTE 11.  Every person responded that the most meaningful takeaway has not come from the formal sessions, but from the informal meet-ups that occurred in many places.  People from all across this continent and beyond came together and shared stories, traded ideas, and debated points of view.  I am so much the richer for having made the effort to be involved.  My network may not be bigger from having attended ISTE, but it is certainly richer.  I am amazed at how smart so many of these educators are and I know that my having participated in this event will make things better for the students of my school.  I sit here for my last afternoon in the ISTE Blogger cafe longing to be home because I have missed one too many baseball and softball games and I really miss my family.  After all, the relationships that we value always rise to the top of our list of importance.  I guess that is my biggest takeaway from this conference is that it is the relationships and connections that matter most.  We can connect all we want with social media, yet we will always crave “being together”.  It is that “being together” environment we have to create in our schools whether we are using the digital tools or not.

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