There is no “Easy Button”, “Just Do It” Anyway!

First I apologize to Staples and Nike for the title (a nod to the Principalspage legal department).  Now, on to the business of this post…. I have been accused of being a big talker.  Full of ideas, little action.  Well, that might have been true in the past, but I am moving on from that characterization.  Public education is in a precarious yet unique point in its existence.  Some folks feel like it is under attack and feel the need to defend it.  In my view, we are in a time when there is more freedom to try new things than ever before.  I think we have more to lose by defending the status quo than we do by experimenting with doing “school” differently.  Listen, I have something that I have to admit, the reformers that have grabbed hold of agenda in public education are right, what we are doing now in most schools is not working well.  If we choose to continue to do what we do without change and expect different results, we are going to make what they want to do easy.  Change is not easy, change is not clean, it is messy and it is hard.  But, there is a window of opportunity for us to sieze the agenda and transform what we do and prove those who would test our students into a stupor wrong.  We must move to challenge our students in relevant and engaging ways and make sure that they are exposed to the skill building experiences that will transform them into active citizens and contributors to our way of life.

One thought on “There is no “Easy Button”, “Just Do It” Anyway!

  1. I agree. I see so many teachers doing just that… innovating and jumping into creative new frontiers, but having to look over their shoulders as the push for narrowing the curriculum to a test threatens their jobs. I hope we can co-op the reform movement and really make it about the students and learning.

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