Knocked off Course

Not that it matters to anyone, but I have not posted here in over a month.  The end of school is crazy.  We are busy wrapping up a school year. Making sure graduation is just right. Sending final transcripts. Doing end of year reports. Putting the final entries in the balance sheets for the fiscal year 2011.  We even did a referendum to build a new building to replace the majestic, yet over 100 year old Paris (Cooperative) High School. Yeah, that is why I have not posted on this blog in a month…. If I keep telling myself that, I may believe it. Truth is, I have let the constant drum beat of education reform get the best of me.  I let it bother me too much that reformers want to blame all problems with academic achievement on teachers and principals.  I have to admit, It made me as mad as I have ever been to think that legislatures across this country (including the one in Illinois) were (are) considering whacking education retirement plans because they have failed to do their jobs.  On top of all that, the end all to be all for us, that dang, one shot test kept us once again from engaging our kids in meaningful learning for too much of the year.   I spent too much time thinking and reacting to these issues this year.  I allowed my self to get knocked (for those who love my nautical inclination) blown of course!  I have decided that the only way to combat these issues is to work as hard as I can to make my school the best place it can be for its students.  To share with others around the world to find the best strategies and ideas to challenge our student to be the best they can be.  To heck with fighting the reform movement, doing that gives them the only chance they have to win because it distracts us from what is truly important.  Working to make ourselves better every day.

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One thought on “Knocked off Course

  1. Dave – I have been limited in my blogging as well over the last month or so due to school priorities and the hectic time of year. I don’t think you have been knocked off course. I could never say that about someone who takes the time to reflect and struggle over all that is happening within our country in regards to education. I think the ones that are off course are the ones that fall into line and do not look for better ways to educate students.

    I agree with your approach! Continue to do what is best for your students and share it with all of us so that those of us who know that there is a better way can continue to work together for
    the changes that we believe in.

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