I Know a Teacher…(for Teacher Appreciation Week)

I know a teacher who knew how to inspire students to try to do things they never thought they could do before.  At the beginning of the year she set up a schedule where she was to have lunch for a week with each student individually.  She would ask each student questions about themselves and then during the assigned week she would do special things with them based on what she had found out about them.  For one particular student (me) it was a week long scrabble game against the smartest teacher in the world.  I remember that week fondly and how I beat her (she let me win) in scrabble.  That experience did a lot for a young student and helped him build self confidence.  Thank you Mrs. Eicher!

I know a teacher who would never change his expectations and would not let a student do subpar work.  I wrote my first research paper for him and I had to re-write that thing what seemed like at least 20 times.  It was perfect when he finally accepted it.  I remember during a parent teacher conference he bragged on my progress to my mother but then pointed out that he knew that I had “just filled in the blanks” on my standardized test because of the low score.  I had to admit to my mom that I had indeed “mailed it in”.  That was the last time I ever did that and to this day I can hear him say, “ladies and gentlemen we have to do our best.”  Thank you Mr. Gleaves, your work ethic follows me to this day.

I know a teacher who always had an incredible enthusiasm for his subject.  Everyday, whether it was the beginning of the year, the day before Christmas vacation, or one of those days when nobody felt like being there, this teacher had a energetic approach to his lesson and a good joke to tell.  He made a hard class easy and his class was one that I always looked forward to!  Thank you Mr. Pigg, I can only hope that all students get to have a teacher like you at least once a day!  Do you remember the teachers who had the biggest impact on you?  Have you let them know how much they helped you become what you are?  If not, why don’t you take the opportunity to thank them during national Teacher Appreciation Week!

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