Look at What My Kids Can Do!

I went to see a flash mob “spontaneously” happen tonight at our local all-in-one store.  Roughly 20% of the students who attend PCHS participated as they performed one of the songs from their upcoming production of Beauty and the Beast.  I could proudly say as I watched, “Look at what our kids can do!”  They have learned so much about themselves and each other as they have worked these long months getting ready to perform.  They have reached deep within themselves to become someone they were not before.  They have been pushed by themselves, their peers and the adults involved to stretch their self imposed limitations to realize they are capable of so much if they just try.  I could not help but feel a strong sense of satisfaction that these particular students were having one of those moments that will help define their entire high school experience.  The amazing thing is they were not put up to this.  They came up with it on their own.  They volunteered their time to do the thing they love to do; to show their skills and to give of those talents to entertain.  I know that not everything in their school experience can be this engaging, but we need to frame our work with the statement “Look at what my kids can do.”  When we work on curriculum, the idea is that we are setting the boundaries for the things we need to challenge our kids to do.  When we think of the all the sacrifices and hard work that teaching is, we must remind ourselves it’s about having that moment when we can say: “Look at what my kids can do!”  It is important that we put the best of what our students do out there for the community to see.  Our kids will rise to the occasion to make us and themselves proud.

Picture credit: Some old guy on the beach at Destin, FL (me)

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  1. You are so right…kids do rise to the occasion. They tend to go as high (or just a bit higher that) as what is expected of them. We need to expect great things; then cultivate an environment that champions them getting there.

    Thanks for sharing!

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