Can We Use Cognitive Suplus to Improve Our Practice?

Can we use these same principles highlighted by Shirkey to spread quality, personalized professional development by sharing ideas and practices between schools?  I think we can have teachers share “cognitive surplus” for the benefit of our students.  A simple idea, shared between educators can become the engine to help us improve our schools!

This links back to my previous post, “Are You Willing to Connect?”  I really think that out of our network and the time we spend sharing, we can focus some of our hours on specific items and ideas that will allow us to really improve our practice.  What do y0u think?  Will you join us?  What do you have to lose?

3 thoughts on “Can We Use Cognitive Suplus to Improve Our Practice?

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  2. Speaking of sharing, I’m a flight instructor, and I’ve been following #edchat on twitter. In the last week, I’ve picked up so many cool ideas to try. There is much power in sharing. The only thing I feel a bit iffy about, is our domains are so drastically different, the imbalance is I end up taking more than sharing. On the other hand, I have been trying to poke in on blogs and such here or there.

    • Ron, Welcome to the discussion. I am sure you have more to share than you realize. Feel free to comment here at anytime. I think learning and the discussion on how to better the environments where it happens belongs to any domain! Thanks for the comment.

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