Environmentally Speaking

Wow has this been a tough Winter.  Snowstorms, icestorms, sub zero temperatures, Mother Nature has thrown a full Winter’s worth of fury at us.  The weather and climate have such an effect on our mood and daily activities. As I have gotten older, I have realized how much the weather can affect the way I feel both physically and mentally.  In my younger days, the weather did not seem have a big effect on how I felt.  I also used to think that climate change due to man’s activities (global warming) was largely a myth. In geographical time, our weather records occur in a mere nano second, but one can hardly argue with the fact that the earth has warmed significantly in the past three decades. Part of a natural pattern? Maybe. Has it been exacerbated by man’s activities…….hard to fight the evidence?.?! Our environment/climate is a very dynamic system with many variables that influence its status. The school climate is not quite as dynamic but there are many factors that influence the environment in which our students operate on a daily basis. Among the many influencing factors in a school climate there are few more important than teacher quality.  I believe a good teacher is one who teaches students first and their subject second. A good teacher is willing to experiment with new tools and allow students to have a say in the direction their own learning while providing the guidance and expectations to challenge them to grow both intellectually as well as socially. They know how to manage their classroom with respect and through their actions and caring, demand respect from their students. Just like it seems as though our environment has changed because of man’s activities and we must adjust, the learning environment has changed because of the media, computers and the exponential growth of information. In order to survive mankind will likely need to make changes in how we live. Likewise, in order to educate our students we must adjust to the changing factors that influence the educational environment!

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