What is it we are doing here anyway?

As I observe students and teachers go about the business of school on daily basis, I am quite aware of how hard both groups are working to get a lot of different goals accomplished. Many times people who have not been in school since they have graduated will look at what goes on and ask what exactly is going on here? What are they working towards? Does what appears to be chaos really have a function that is driving towards some greater goal? People judge schools on many things: Where do the graduates go? How do the test scores look? How did the (insert one of various sports teams here) do in the game the other night? How many students look like they are up to no good standing around the school before it starts? In other words, people use various ways of judging a school based upon their frame of reference. The real outcomes of what a school sets out to accomplish are sometimes difficult to measure. It is my hope that all students will learn to:
•communicate well, read well, and have good number sense
•be ready to take risks
•be able to find, use and distribute accurate information for problem solving purposes
•offer service to their community and have a spirit of giving
•build endurance to do the things that need to get done despite their difficulty
•look at things differently
•have integrity, self respect and respect for others

•be lifelong learners

To me, these are the most important things for our students take from their educational experience!

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