What Considerations Do We Need to Make to Move Us Forward?

I was reading Will Richardson’s Webblogged and came across a couple of videos he hilighted from Garr Reynolds of Presentation Zen.  These videos feature Seth Godin speaking about public education and how we are missing the mark profoundly with today’s “if it moves, test it” mentality.  My goal here is not to waste bandwidth, repeating what Will Richardson and Garr Reynolds have already posted.  My goal is for us to start asking these questions locally!  While you are at it, why don’t you read Mr. Richardson’s Summer Rant.  I am a parent of school age children and I am guilty as charged. 

We need to start considering what student learning and growth looks like from the perspective of how are we building skills and qualities that will benefit them when they are out of school.  We spend way to much time working on skills, and don’t get me wrong some of those skills are necessary just not in the doses we prescribe, that are only used in school and not in the post school world.  Mr. Godin says it would only take a small group of parents to get the ball rolling to make change start to happen right away.  What are your thoughts?  No really, what are your thoughts?

One thought on “What Considerations Do We Need to Make to Move Us Forward?

  1. Sometimes the more I read and think about education reform, the more depressed I get about the whole thing. If things stay the same, students will not get what they need to be successful. If things change, I might be out of a job, unqualified to do much of anything else.

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