Summer Reflections I

Ah Summer! The perception of educators in the summer is one of hammocks, ice tea, barbeques, golfing, vacations, and most of all rest. Well, maybe for some educators, but not all. Summer becomes a time for paperwork for most administrators. State reports covering a wide array of data are required to end the school year. Planning and setting up the new year requires a lot of time as well. School improvement planning needs to be done. Bids and selections for various products must be prepared and chosen. Summer maintenance projects must be supervised. School Board meetings have to be planned and conducted. Of all the things that happen during the summer, the most important job an administrator conducts is the hiring of new personnel. The most important factor for making school work is assuring that there is a quality teacher in every position. Nothing is more crucial than making sure the hiring process is carried out in such a way that the students benefit by having the best teacher available!
June is already almost gone and I have found that I am already wondering how I will get everything done this summer. Most of the state reports are finished and I have no positions to hire for the upcoming year, but it still seems as though there will not be enough time to get everything ready for the upcoming school year. The most prevailing thought on my mind most days as June comes to a close is that I miss the students! I want to hear the classrooms buzzing, hear the chatter of the students, and see the library clamoring with activity!

One of the things I have noticed is that I lose steam with my blog during the summer. I want to correct that the best I can. My blog started as a self reflection so maybe I will spend some time reading what I have written.

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