4 thoughts on “Are Facebook and Cell Phones the Problem?

  1. This is exactly correct. The issue here is bullying, and bullying has been around much longer than the internet or cell phones. All these technologies have done is alter the method of delivery, but the nature of the problem remains the same. The technology has become a bit of a red herring as more and more people are demonizing the technology as though it has born these problems by its mere existance, but we all know this not to be the case. As with so many other things, it is convenient to place all of the blame on the element of the problem that is easiest to address.

  2. Since my daughter was a victim of internet/cell phone bullying, I can tell you it is a very different creature than the bullying WE had to put up with. It is totally pervasive and almost impossible to escape. Schools and the police need to treat it as a serious issue, because it is.

    Parents have to stop making excuses for their bullying children, step up, and act like parents. If a kid is a cyberbully, take the cyber away. Totally.

  3. I dont agree with facebook and cell phones being the problem. I think the problem is parents who dont raise their kids right. Then again I think I would rather be bullyed online because you can block them online but at school in public..you cant make them go away. Ms. Franklin I am truly sorry your daughter was victom of that and I totally agree if kids cyber bully they should have ther cyber taken away.

  4. I believe that isn't the complete reason. You see even if you take it away theres still going to be bullying going on. Its always going to happen. Electronics just add on to the power. We've all been bullied it happens to everyone. We can try to stop it, but we will only help slow it down.
    – thatonegirl

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