Stop Bullying NOW!

I am bringing this post forward again because I am not satisfied that we are dealing with it well.  If you read the comments from students here, I am worried that they believe that even if they bring it forward, nothing will be done about bullying. 

They (we) need to be taught that we do not have to tolerate being bullied!

That if you do not get satisfaction from bringing a complaint forward, go to the next level!

Do not ignore when your friend, child, student, is feeling down about how they are being treated!

Together we can fight to see that no one is afraid to come to school and that everyone gets the respect they deserve!

Schools all deal with cases of bullying.  Several high profile cases and their consequences have pushed me to try to bring more attention to the problem and to search for solutions.  I challenge you, whether you be a student, parent, teacher, administrator, or interested community member to help me help our students avoid the pain and suffering that a bully can cause!

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  1. What a great message. I am the parent of a bullied child who at eight years old could not take it anymore and "wanted to hurt herself so she would not have to go to school and maybe she would die".

    I have become a Parent Advocate and Educator working with R.E.S.P.E.C.T.2. I will be giving a presentation at the Statewide Parent Involvement Conference in Omaha on March 27th.

    R.E.S.P.E.C.T.2 is sponsoring a day long conference on June 17th.
    "Bullying Across the Lifespan" Dr. Susan Swear an internationally recognized speaker and author on bullying is our keynote.

    I posted this blog on our FB fan page:

  2. Your statement is clear and discusses what many administrators feel as well.

    At our school we implemented a proactive, preventative approach. Each year we start by discussing what we value in our school and link it to our mission. Also, we "flesh out" our code of conduct. All this is done in our Home room huddle sessions. Basically, the goal is to reduce bullying or as I call them – acts of unkindness. This helped overall and fit in with our school divisions implementation of PBIS as well.

  3. Thank you for this video! As a parent of a student who was once bullied in junior high it assures me that the procedures are in place to prevent this. Education at a young age about bullies and kindness are key. I appreciate you sharing this information.
    I would love to know what parents can do if they know that their child is being bullied via text message but not during school time. If it is after hours what suggestions do you have when it isn't a 'school' problem. Thanks

  4. Good question! First, save the texts. You can contact your service provider and block the sender. If you know who is sending the texts you as the parent can contact the guardians of the sender and let them know what is going on. You can also take the texts to law enforcement. Hope this helps.

  5. Thank you for addressing this important issue. I often feel students fail to understand their attempts to verbally upset or belittle another person are construed as bullying. I plan to share this video with all of my students and use it for a discussion on how bullying affects the the climate of the workplace as well as the classroom. We all can recall situations in both schools and employment settings where bullying has ended in tragedy.

  6. We agree that bullying is a big problem in schools. Bullying is something that does happen every day at Paris High School, and we all witness it on a daily basis. Aside from the bullying, a major problem is our reaction to the bullying. We stand by and do nothing, even laugh during certain instances. Our reactions feed the bullying. Then, there are the other types of bullying that most people don’t even see or notice unless they are directly involved: cyber-bullying. There is also indirect bullying that occurs when rumors are spread about individuals. As students, we need to stop being afraid to talk to someone about these problems. You can’t be afraid of the consequences from the bully. Ignoring the problem only makes it worse because the bully is free from being disciplined for what they are doing. The action against bullying needs to start with us!

  7. We believe your video provides very accurate information; however, some of us disagree. As a student, it is hard to believe that the bullies get punished enough. If they were getting punished, the behavior would stop or at least decrease. In addition to punishment, bullies should be required to speak to the school counselor. Often times the reason that bullies are mean to other students is because there is something psychologically or emotionally wrong, whether it is problems at home or something else. Another problem that we’d like to voice is that bullying doesn’t stop upon graduation of high school. Many of us believe that teachers are also guilty of bullying at certain times. Teachers can also single kids out in some instances. This is a big issue, and it needs a big solution. Talking about it definitely helps.

  8. We believe that bullies are mean to other because they feel insecure, so they take out their anger on someone else. They believe that if they bully others, it proves that they are cool. It also gets them attention. They might not understand how it makes the other person feel. The students who are victims or witnesses of bullying need to act by telling an adult about the problem. Even if they are scared, they should understand that there is someone who could help them.

  9. Students,

    Thank you so much for your comments. Transparency (discussing and throwing a light on the subject)is so important at slowing this problem down! Tell an adult you trust about your problem. It is also important that you learn to solve your problems with peers with honest discussion without resorting to name calling and issuing threats. Again, thanks for your comments, and if you wish, keep the conversation going!

  10. I know of other schools that use peer mentoring (or similar names) for these issues. Instead of going to an adult, the students can go to an elected/appointed group of students with their problems, and the students become part of the solution. I think if we had a good group of kids who actually wanted to make a positive impact on our school, this would be a good addition to our school. Maybe kids are more likely to talk to people their age. I would even be willing to be the sponsor of this group, if we needed one.

  11. I agree with Mr. T- When I was in high school- at PHS – several years ago (lol) I was involved in a group called "Peer Ears" we were picked to try to help out in situations such as bullying and other similar situations-

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