2 thoughts on “So How Would You Use This?

  1. Very interesting and I think fun!

    I believe the experiential learning opportunities are greatly enhanced with this. For example, if something like Google Earth could be placed within this system, we could take students on a hike around Sochi (where the next winter Olympics will be held)or Mt. Everest, etc. Teachers could design lessons incorporating specific higher order thinking skills.

    Noting that. Maybe before we break the banks on these great tools, lets have some specific plans on how to improve learning with them. We just received a mobile laptop lab and I posed this question for our teachers. BTW the school division bought it for us and time for planning for learning could not happen as we did not know about the purchase. So now we were in a mode of, "What do we do with this thing?"

    Like your video clips. Where do you find most of them?

  2. Dave,

    I agree with you. The tech simply needs to be a way to engage students if appropriate. So many tools, too little time! They are only as good as the teachers who know how to integrate them, and the students ability to manipulate them to some end. Thank you so much for your input!

    I get most of these videos from following other educators on Twitter!

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