A Virtual Conversation for School Leadership

I cannot say enough about the people and resources that I have been exposed to by my Twitter Personal Learning Network (PLN). I have learned more about teaching, leading, and technology integration in the past year than I could have ever imagined the first time I responded to the “what are you doing now” prompt on Twitter. That being said, my thirst for this type of professional growth has only expanded because of the exposure. Last weekend I was a far distant virtual observer of EDUCON. I wanted to be there! The snippets of the conversations left me yearning to be a part of them. I hear about the administrators getting to go to TED and be involved in the Google Academy and…..let’s just say I am ENVIOUS! So this week it hit me, after watching how the folks in Van Meter Iowa are leveraging online technology to advocate for their students, and how the Colorado Learning 2.0 is going to have a virtual side to their conversations, that I am going to selfishly try to get the good people of the PLN together to share their knowledge virtually so I can learn from them about the amazing thing they are doing! My vision is for participants to share, in mini sessions, areas of expertise with questions and answers during and after presentations. Scott Elias has mentioned using WebEx or some similar online forum for facilitation of the get together. At this point this is still just a construct and I am open to ideas. I do not want to own this thing. I just want to be a part of it. I am willing to put it together with help from whoever wants to. (principalspage is bringing the virtual donuts) I have received several notes from people saying they are not administrators and do not feel comfortable participating. My attitude is that everyone brings something to the table. Please sign up if you feel so inclined! As I get some idea of the number of people wanting to participate I will put out a request for proposals for presentations. Again, please share thoughts about this as am open to any ideas about how to make this a learning experience to all involved. You can sign up by filling out the form at: http://bit.ly/cEpyad

6 thoughts on “A Virtual Conversation for School Leadership

  1. Thank you for starting this! I have been looking for something like this since I began this PLN journey. Finally I think there are enough principals and admin out there that this can really help us.I have been attending A LOT virtually over the years and I am glad to be able to go in person this year. Face to face is still important but it's nice to know we can have success without that too. What about something like a once a month meet up on an evening that works for everyone? Scott and I have a hard time coming up with a podcast every 2 weeks:) But we could all take turns facilitating something once we are comfortable with the medium we choose. We could even have a schedule or sign up sheet. Recording and podcasting it would be a great idea to for those who miss the discussion. Nap time for the kids so let's keep the conversation going:)

  2. Great ideas Melinda. I think a scheduled meeting once a month or so is a great idea. Things come up so often that make a one time meeting easy to miss. Scheduling a series of meetings with specific topics would allow busy people to login when there is a particular area of interest!

  3. I think the list can be a work in progress. What other info should it compile? You have to tell us so we can include it.

  4. What other information would you like to see collected? This for was simply to gather information about who is interested. Based on the fact we have had 30+ administrators express an interest, I think I will be sending out a survey that will better define what expertise individuals have to offer and what they would like to learn about.

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