Well said!

Stop complaining. Be the change. Love your students and do well by them. If that includes technology, so be it.

I post this to remind myself more than to proselytize. The power to change rests with in me. The power to make a difference lies within caring. They (teachers, parents, students) will care about what you (I) say and do when they know that you (I) care. Good teaching happens without “technology”. Ubiquitous use of technology can make good teaching great.

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3 thoughts on “Well said!

  1. I think we all need to sit down a develop a vision for where we want to go. If we were to begin from square one, scrapping EVERYTHING we currently have, and build a school, what would it look like? Once we have that, we can look for steps to begin taking immediately towards our final goal. Until there is an objective and benchmarks have been set, we will continue to spin our wheels.

  2. Going off of what Nathan said, maybe that's what we could do during our summer school improvement meetings. Maybe we may not be able to implement any changes for next year, but we can begin the conversation. We can establish our square one. Assign different teachers to work on different things during the school year. "We have to be the change that we want to see" I think I've heard that somewhere before, so I quoted it.

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