John, the leader of a production crew for Pontiac (yes, I chose Pontiac for a reason) prided himself on getting his team to produce its dashboard cradle/driver interface nodules with high quality in highly efficient times.  He took great satisfaction in the fact that his team continually scored high on quality and efficiency measures.  Month after month, year after year, John’s teams were always among the fastest and most efficient production crews on the line.  Unfortunately, as sales slumped, the speed and efficiency no longer mattered.  The speed scoring, the high quality scoring, did not translate into an improved bottom line.  Even the most decorated production crews had to take furloughs to help the company survive.  It no longer mattered how efficient or how quickly the dashboard nodules were made……nobody was buying them anymore!

How does this relate to where we are in Education?  What are we measuring?  Does what we measure now really matter?  What do your think?

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