Chicago IASA,IASB,IASBO Conference Part II

I am not one that is usually impressed with keynote speakers. So many times they are dry and could make their point in a much shorter time. The keynote addresses at the Triple I were a stark contrast to my expectations! Day two’s key note speaker was Mark Scharenbroich. He was fantastic, funny, and carried a strong message. He had the audience rolling with laughter and wiping away tears. He talked about the human side of things and how we all need to feel accepted and valued. He told a story about the best way to make a Harley rider feel good. All you have to tell them is “nice bike” and mean it! Everyone knows that we all have the need to feel valued, yet so often we neglect to value people, especially those we teach and work with everyday. I think Mr. Schrenbroich, of all the things I saw in Chicago, had the biggest affect on me. It is so easy to take people and what they do for granted without telling them “nice bike”. Knowing people by name and acknowledging them for who they are and what they are good at is something we all need to do more often. I think our mentoring program is a great step in the right direction. We are building positive relationships with our students. Remember, we cannot take those relationships for granted. We must work on them every chance we get ( I know, I know….lets see if he practices what he preaches). Take the time every day to try to make someone feel special. It will pay big dividends for all of us! Remember to say “hey, nice bike” every once in awhile! This video is a brief taste of Mark’s address to us. If you have seven minutes to spare, you will enjoy this little anecdote!

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