Chicago IASA,IASB,IASBO Conference Part I

Jason Ryan Dorsey was the opening keynote speaker for the 2009 Triple I Conference. An incredibly witty presenter with a story about how generations differ and the affect of that difference on interactions in the workplace. As I reflect on what he had to say, I find that we truly do have to consider how to today’s students are different. They do have different values. Values that come from the way they have been raised and the cultural influences they have experienced. We cannot change those values and if we are going to reach our students we must understand where they are coming from and teach them to capitalize on their strengths. We must also teach them about the values and expectations of our generation(s) (we have multiple generations on this staff). One of the ways we can do this for them is to create real world expectations here in school and get them ready for a “Baby Boomer” boss that is probably in their future. We need to hold our students to the expectations that we have. It starts as simple as being on time to following through on committments (hint: ENFORCE TARDIES!) I bought one of his books while at the conference entitled “Fifty Ways to Improve Schools for Under Fifty Bucks“. You may borrow it any time. It has a lot of good ideas! Below are some of the highlights of his presentation. If you have ten minutes to watch this video, I believe it will be worth your time.

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