What can we achieve if we work together?

Can you imagine how much cooperation it took to make this happen? I do not play guitar and am in awe of this accomplishment! The hours spent have created a wonderful example of cooperation. Can we work together, parents, teachers, students and community, to make a school community where the only barrier to achievement is where we set the limits?

2 thoughts on “What can we achieve if we work together?

  1. I've been (kind of) playing guitar for about 10 years now. I'm in awe of just half of this duet, let alone the magnificent piece as a whole. Great analogy to the beauty of collaboration, one piece inspiring the other. Cheers.

  2. When I first looked at it, I thought, "Yeah, it's kinda cool, but she's playing half, and he's playing half of the guitar." Then, when I looked closer, I realized that HIS left hand was doing the fingerings while HER right hand was doing the strumming, and vice versa. Wow.

    To apply it to our school setting, not only will we come together to do co-curricular projects, but I'll help with your part, and you help me with mine.

    I think our next step in this process is to get some meetings going where teachers can trade ideas, share thoughts, ect. Some face to face time would be good on this. (I know that we did that during our first week of inservices, but the problem we faced there was the fact that it was "forced" on us.)

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