4 thoughts on “Did You Know (thought I would join the crowd!)

  1. I like technology for a lot of things, but I will never curl up with a computer screen on a cold, winter's night and read something on-line. I like to hold books, magazines, newspapers in my little fat hands, not read them off a screen.

    I also despise computer-generated music. The son and my brother argue about this a lot, but I think drum machines and synthesizers can't compare to real instruments.

    I really hope technology doesn't take over everything, at least not until I kick the bucket.

  2. I never really noiced how rapidly technology is growing, and the rate that everything is changing until I watched this video. Since I'm still a teenager, these things that seem mind blowing to people much older than me, are simply what I've become used to. Change is a lot less noticed as a teenager since it's what we grew up with, and learned to accept at a younger age. It's now kind of mind blowing to me seeing how rapidly everything is changing.

  3. Jordan,

    Thanks for you input. Your generation takes innovation and change for granted. There is something new almost daily and you are used to it. It is not until it is put into perspective that you really see that things have changed dramatically…..or have they. I would like to see some of my contemporaries come and look at school today and see if it has changed very much. Do you think schools have changed much in the last 25 years?

  4. I believe school has changed quite a bit, and technology has a big role in how it's changed. New courses are available with the use of a computer, and smart boards have brought learning to a whole new level. I also like the new rules of getting a ticket if skipping school. Kids will get the proper education they need, and will be less likely to skip.

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