Mission & Beliefs for Paris Cooperative High School

Paris Cooperative High School

Mission Statement:
Paris Cooperative High School is a learning community committed to developing well-educated, healthy, engaged students in a respectful, safe, supportive environment.

We Believe

1. That the learning process needs to be THE priority. It needs to be transparent, open, and inviting in order for the students, parents, staff and community to be engaged.

2. That every student can learn and needs to be rigorously challenged at his or her current level of achievement.

3. That all students want to participate in an educational environment which inspires continuous learning, provides opportunities to excel and is guided by positive role-models and mentors.

4. That teachers should model life-long learning and embrace new ideas and technology.

5. That school leaders are risk takers, committed to the educational goals of the community, vigilant in obtaining and sharing new knowledge for the operation of the school, and are providing the best educational environment, in a fair and equitable manner.

6. That parents are the most important people in their child’s development and are responsible for their child becoming productive members of society.

7. That the community is united in the common goal of providing the best possible education through networking and resource sharing, while reaching out to insure a cooperative citizenry.

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