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All of my readers, (well OK, my Mother, who incidentally is also my only reader) are wondering what happened to the blogging PHSprincipal. Well, he took a blogging vacation. The job of principal at Paris High School changed over this past year into more of a Superintendent/Principal (officially called a director) job with the passing of a referendum in Paris that created the Paris Cooperative High School. Paris High School is now governed equally by two school districts, Paris Union School District No. 95 and Paris Community Unit District No. 4. Each of those boards of education have provided three members to the new Paris Cooperative High School Board of Education. Our cooperative school venture is the first in the state of Illinois! It has been very invigorating process to set up the cooperative (both Boards of Education, Mrs. Connie Sutton, and Mrs Lorraine Bailey were the primary architects). From the planning stages, through the campaign to get the issue passed in both districts, to the construction of the cooperative agreement, we experienced many issues that were challenging, yet the hard work paid off in the formation of the new entity. The whole Paris community now has ownership of the high school institution and the benefactors will be the students. Hopefully this is only the first step in making our high school the best vehicle to prepare our youth for adulthood. Hopefully the future holds a new building and the possible addition of other districts into the mix. It has been a whirlwind of activity and preparation, but we are ready to start the new school year as Paris Cooperative High School.

That (Mom) is what I did on my blogging vacation.

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  1. Now, Mr. Meister, you know that you have at least one faithful reader besides your mother! I've missed reading your blogs, even though I may not always be in 100% agreement with what you say. (Imagine that!)

  2. Hi Dave….Your timing couldn't be better and just serves to make my point even stronger…this is in regards to the message you left on my Google Docs planning document ( for one of our leadership scoreboard objectives 09-10 school year. You sound to be in a very unique situation and will have experiences that will be very interesting to follow and share πŸ™‚

    I introduce my concept tomorrow morning to our executive leadership committee, and then if everyone is in agreement, we'll be sharing it with leadership district wide at our first meeting. πŸ™‚

    I'll be adding you to the ning following my presentation to the executive committee. I'll have met one of my goal objectives for our district's leadership scoreboard by inviting a new "expert" into the sylvan.ning πŸ™‚


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