A chance to work together

July 1, 2009 marks the beginning of the Paris Cooperative High School. Two school districts, Paris Union School District No. 95 and Paris Community District No. 4 have approved a cooperative agreement to co-govern Paris High School, which is now legally known as Paris Cooperative High School. It will remain PHS for uniform sake. The colors of orange and black will remain the school colors and Paris Loyalty will still be our fight song. At first it may appear that little has changed, but over time, change will come from the joint governance of the school. Each board of education in the cooperative will have three board members on the new Paris High School Cooperative Board of Education. The building will be administrated by a director and an assistant principal. The joint governance of the school will start a new era in which the entire community can take ownership of the issues that shape the education for our students and truly collaborate to make PHS the best school we can for the young adults of our community. The joint venture gives us the opportunity to pioneer educational change in the State of Illinois because we are the first cooperative formed here. We have a unique opportunity to build something new, something worthwhile. Let’s go to it! Let’s work together!

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