Just Plain Wrong!

The other day I received a catalogue filled with the regular education fare. It was filled with supplies that were not essential, some of the items would be useful around PHS, but for the most part a typical catalogue that would find the circular file after a quick glance (poor environment!) What was just plain wrong about this catalogue was the subtitle, “Your Stimulus Spending Issue!” This blog is not about whether the American Recovery Act is right or wrong by the way (it is here whether we support it or not), it is about spending our children’s and grandchildren’s tax dollars wisely. Spending the “stimulus” money on what amounts to educational trinkets is JUST PLAIN WRONG! When the recovery act passed and I found out that a good sum of money would be spent on education, I started thinking that the money would and should be used to update the educational infrastructure across the nation. Building new schools, funding innovative programs, providing incentive for change…..using the stimulus money for making lasting change in education was how I envisioned the use of the funding, not just throwing the money into the revenue gaps in each state and spending it in such a way that it supports the status quo in education. As educational leaders we must endeavor to use this money in the most responsible ways. To make education better for our students and make lasting change in a system that begs for it.

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  1. Dave
    A similar story in Australia with the economic stimulus package, spending in schools and trying to make a once in a lifetime opportunity work. Here its about building infrastructure and we are building a basketball court size gym, music facility, canteen and bathroom facilities [$3,000,000] plus smaller projects [eg shade sails over playgrounds] worth $200,000. The trick is to do this within 8 months while maintaining some educational and community leadership, trying to stay sane and have some time with the family. I know what the challenges and frustrations are. Hang in there

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