What we need more of…………

………is to say thanks to those who do things that truly make an impact. People need feedback and so many times in education, the feedback we give or receive is usually corrective in nature. It is easy to fall into the trap of pointing out what is wrong and taking for granted those things that go according to plan and simply not take the time to recognize those individuals who made it happen. This past weekend I went to the Paris High School prom and the after prom activities. I must say that I was thoroughly impressed by both events. Our students were treated to a fantastic evening of events that included a dinner and dance at the Ohio Building in Terre Haute. Following the dance the students were treated with an all night party at Parisian Lanes (A huge thanks to Bud and Michelle Hissem!). The students were able to bowl, dance, eat, play pool, and socialize in a safe environment and best of all, they were eligible to win approximately $8,000 in prizes. There were many people who took time to make these events happen. To you folks who helped these young men and women have a safe night for their prom and after prom activities, THANK YOU! You helped create a memory that our students will carry all of their lives! For those of you who are still reading this post, yes that means you mom, I want you to take the time to thank someone who has made a difference in your life.

The following is a thank you to some of the many who have made a big difference for me:

My third grade teacher Mrs. Eicher and her game of scrabble, Mrs. Gardner and a great Spanish class, Mr. Pigg, my 7th grade math teacher and coach for many different sports and his cousins in a blanket, Mr. Tyndle, one of my high school science teachers and his undying love of science, and Dr. Bev Findley and her unequalled enthusiasm for teaching and challenging her students. Who should you thank today!

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  1. I have really enjoyed reading your blog! I was searching for an email address to contact you but could not find one. Hopefully I can reach you this way!

    My name is Lesley Reilly and I work for a non-profit company based in Newton, MA on a project called EdTech Leaders Online (http://www.edtechleaders.org/) (ETLO). We train educators, administrators, and other school professionals how to design and deliver online content for students and also for professional development. We are currently working on developing a six-week, online workshop for the South Carolina Department of Education about Podcasting and Blogging for Administrators.

    In beginning my research for this workshop, I found your blog and I enjoy your insights and the human touch you express as you reflect on your demanding job. We will certainly be referencing your website and podcast in our workshop but I would love your help beyond that if you are willing.

    I would love your help in learning about how your blog may be impacting the teachers and the school community you serve as well as other school leaders.

    Would you be willing to take the time to share some insights and consult a bit on this workshop? Here are a few general questions:

    Why did you start blogging?

    What advice might you give to other administrators just getting started?

    Has it made any aspects of your job easier?

    Do you think it is having an effect on teaching and learning in your school? If so, how?

    I am sure I will think of more questions but any of your general insights are welcome. We are just getting started but are working under a tight deadline and we are aiming to complete the workshop by the end of June. I know that school principals are almost as busy as the President of the United States but we would be truly grateful for any time/advice you can give to us!

    Thanks so much!

    Lesley Reilly


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