What Do We Believe?

On Monday, January 23, the new Paris Cooperative High School curriculum and instruction committee met in conjunction with parents and community members to talk about our core beliefs about education. We are in the process of building a new vision and mission by which the new cooperative high school will shape its functions and decisions. An effective institutions has at its heart a set of commonly held core beliefs from which it will not waiver. The construction of our new mission will take several more meetings and will involve students and faculty. Below are the initial belief statements that were fashioned at Monday’s meeting.

On Learning:

  • Learning is a lifelong process in which every student can succeed in becoming a well rounded citizen of our community.
  • Students need to learn the skills needed to meet challenges that they will face after they leave PHS.
  • We believe if the learning process will become a priority and is transparent, open and inviting, the students, parents, teachers and community will become ENGAGED!
  • We must instill a desire for students to want to learn no matter what they see their future being.

On Students:

  • Every student can learn and deserves to be challenged.
  • All students can truly learn. Students are the largest stakeholders and need to embrace the challenges that learning provides.
  • Students need to take ownership of their education.
  • In order to be successful, students need to be confident, motivated by a sense of pride and a lasting connection to their school.

On Teachers:

  • Teachers should model lifelong learning and embrace new ideas and technology.
  • Our staff are 21st Century teachers, teaching with 21st Century tools and methodology.
  • Teachers are at the front lines of motivating students for better or worse, therefore they must continue to demand nothing less than each individual student’s very best while teachers give nothing less from themselves.
  • Teachers are progressive, lifelong learners who motivate and inspire.

On Parents:

  • Parents are the first teachers, should be involved and above all should support and model lifelong learning.
  • We need to encourage increased parental expectations for student learning.
  • Parents need to be active role models who are focused on academic and personal success
  • Parents and community need to instill civic, social, economic, educational, and moral responsibility in our students.

On the Community:

  • We must have collaboration between the community at large and the school.
  • Needs to give support for education in all facets. i.e. money, scholastic avenues, etc. New facility
  • The community is supportive of academic success, progress, promoting healthy lifestyles and strong work ethics.

Join the process leave your belief statement as a comment!

42 thoughts on “What Do We Believe?

  1. On learning: I like the bullet where it talks about meeting challenges after we leave PHS. That will be very helpful.
    On students: I think that there needs to be challenged and that will help in the long run
    On parents: I agree. Parents need to be involved because they are the first teachers of their children.
    On the community: without support from the community we wouldn’t be able to do a lot so it’s nice to have their support

  2. I believe that on learning it all sounds good but how are you going to get the learning process to be a priority, because there are a lot of kids here just because they have to be. I think it would be rather difficult to instill a desire for students to want to learn.

    I believe that on students it is all very true. Especially the part about how students need to take ownership of their education.

    I believe that on Teachers they are lifelong learners who motivate and inspire. I know that for me personally there have been a couple teachers that have definitely motivated and inspired me.

    I believe that on Parents all of what you said would be nice but in reality we all know that unfortunately there are quit a few parents out there that just don’t care what their children do.

    I believe that on the Community that in this community it is very good about supporting the school in academic success, progress, promoting healthy lifestyles and strong work ethics.

  3. I believe learning is way for our lives to be better than what we had when we were kids, and that to succeed in that we have to apply ourselves in high school and college.
    I believe that as students we have the right to be challenged in all classes offered to us and given the right to follow our dreams.
    I believe teachers are the first step towards our success, in which they teach us as technology times progress.
    I believe parents should get involved in students lives and academic success more than in the past.
    I believe that like parents the community should support and aid in our learning process.

    *Georgie-1st hour Speech*

  4. I believe that learning is an on going proses that is never ending.
    I believe that only the student can make themselfs learn anything.
    I believe teachers are not the sole partaker in the learning process.
    I believe that parents are there to encurage there children to do well not to do it for them.
    I belive that if the comunity does not value the learning proses it will fail

  5. I believe that the process of building a new school would better the learning process for not only the students, but the teachers as well. With a new building, there would be much more technology that could come into play into the classroom. This new use of technology would benefit the students because they could get more involved and the technology used would be great for maintaining attention to the lesson. This new use of technology could also benefit the teachers. Teachers would be able to develop better lesson plans that could incorporate the technology benefiting the students. By building a new school, there would be a greater increase of students attending our school and that would lead to more classrooms. With these new classes, there would be more of a selection of classes that a student could take. This could create opportunities for more dual-credit classes preparing students more for college than what is already available. With the creation of more dual-credit classes, more students would be able to find a class that they would like to enroll in which would lead our school to having a greater college bound class.

  6. I believe that building a new school would help make the eduaction process better. Students would like a new school and enjoy having the new facilities. Parents want their kids to have nice and safe facilities for them to learn in. Teachers would use the new facility and equipment to make the students’ learning process more fun. The community is pushing for a new school and it would give a better image for all visitors to this community. The learning process would go much smoother because the students would not be distracted by the miscolored and missing tiles, old wooden doors, and paint chipped hallways. The schools interior is continuously being criticized. Don’t get me wrong about the great accomplishment of 100 years. I think that is an excellent accomplishment but it is time for a new school. Technology is more developed and the new smart boards seem out of place in this old high school. Everything else in this school is being replaced with newer and more advanced equipment. This is great but something needs to be done about the actual school building.

  7. To make this work with combining of the school district’s both districts need to agree with everything. On the learning part we need to encourage students to succeed in school. Students should come to school prepared and enjoy the opportunity of learning. Teachers should keep up with the new technologies, use to the interest students, and also to reach out to them where they can understand. Parents should encourage students to learn. The community should agree and support this decision if we want this to work.

  8. Teachers are at the front lines of motivating students for better or worse, therefore they must continue to demand nothing less than each individual student’s very best WHILE TEACHERS GIVE NOTHING LESS FROM THEMSELVES. Change the wording of the capitalized section. Perhaps the phrase while teachers deliver their very best or teachers demand maximum effort and performance.

  9. I believe that learning is the bulding blocks to success.
    I believe that students need to be challenged and treated like adults to be prepared for college.
    I belive that teachers are our inspiration.
    I belive that parents need to let children lead their own lifes and stop butting in when something goes wrong. For example, in a job or college. It is our own mistake, we need to deal with it.
    I believe that the community needs to support in academics too, not only in sports.

  10. I believe that learning is based on communication. It is like a continuous conversation between the student and factors they face each day.

    I believe that students succeed best when they are motivated to do so and when they see themselves as being successful. In other words if they think there is no reason for them to achieve something then they are more than likely going to stop working at it.

    I believe that teachers are the beginning for students to create a path of their life and based on the inspiration they receive will determine which road they will travel down.

    I believe that parents should also try to help their child succeed and not just hope for the best or let the student figure it out for themselves. Parents should be involved in what their child does and show support to help boost their confidence.

    I believe that the community show give guidance to each individual and people in the community should help demonstrate respectful traits that students can take with them on to college and so forth.

    Nikia U. 3rd Hour Speech

  11. On learning: I completely agree with this part. One student can come to school everyday but if they don’t come wanting to learn then all of those days don’t matter at all. They are just coming and sitting through classes that are worthless to them.

    On students: every student should be challenged! Not only average students but also advanced students need a challenge to test their knowledge.

    On teachers: all teachers should strive to do their best. They should not only be the people teaching us things for the future but they should also be role models for students. Most teachers in the high school are very technologically inclined. Many teachers here have smart boards and use them quite and bit and it almost always make a lesson easier to learn and keeps you interested.

    On parents: everything in a student’s life starts at home, and all students need good influences at home pushing them to perform to the best of their ability. If all parents instill responsibility in their child at a young age it will just come to the child naturally once they get to high school and this could make a lot of things a lot smoother once the kids do enter into high school.

    On the community: not just teachers, students, and parents need to be supporting activities at the high school but the community also needs to help out. The more people help the school out by volunteering their time and or donating money the better the school is going to be and the more options a student will have to learn. For example, it is much easier to learn about anatomy with a book that is one year old rather than a book that is ten years old.

    -Samantha Jarrett

  12. On learning: The teachers have to engage their students and make them want to learn. Even if the student doesn’t want to learn, the teacher must give them an open opportunity to do so.

    On Students: Students are in charge of what they decide to learn. Everyone can learn anything, if they are willing to try.

    On Teachers: Teachers need update technology and update teaching methods. But if a child can’t learn that way, they must find a way to reach that child’s level of learning.

    On Parents: Yes, Parents should be involved, but not controlling the child. No one can make a child a learn, except for the child himself or herself.

    On the Community: The community must support the school and help it through any problems because we children are the future. I don’t know if coop was the best choice. But it was chosen, so now everyone will have to work together to make it successful.

    Chelsea Sablotny

  13. I believe that this is a step in the right direction and it all sounds good. But what are we going to do to motivate the kids who don’t want to learn? We need more hands on experiences. Being in the classroom all day and taking notes burns kids out of school. That causes failure in college or even worse high school.
    Some kids have parents who don’t motivate them, so teachers need to step in and make sure kids are getting the attention needed. I agree with the statement that the teachers should demand a student’s very best, but students don’t always give 110% on things. They have no motivation or will to do so.
    In order for Paris High School to accomplish these goals, the community needs to step in. The community, as a whole, needs to give more support for our high school and lead the students in the right direction.

  14. On learning, I believe that the high school should concentrate on teaching the skills needed not only in college, but the skills we will need in everyday life. There are some students that don’t move on to college after high school, and these days the high school is getting more and more college classes. These classes don’t mean anything to those students.
    On students, I believe that students all want to challenge themselves, whether they show it or not. Everyone feels the need to succeed. When a student that normally doesn’t succeed does something well, he or she gets a sense of a good feeling inside of them.
    On teachers, I believe that all teachers should teach with a positive attitude. If teachers don’t want to be there, they shouldn’t bring their negative attitude to the school. I feel that teachers should be the type of people who want to help students succeed. Also, teachers need to encourage the students instead of finding their mistakes and concentrating on them.
    On parents, I believe that Paris High School should continue the trait of inviting the parents to everything possible. Many parents don’t understand the way high school is today because of the major changes that have taken place since they have been there. Parents need to encourage students to do their best not only in school but in every activity that they participate in. If the students believe they can succeed outside of school, they will believe that they can do well in school.
    On community, I believe that the community should be in tact with as many school activities as possible. If the community is supportive of our school in everything we do, our school will be a success. Not only does money play a big part from the community to the school, but just the positive attitudes toward everything our school partakes in will make our school become a big success.

  15. I believe the first step in producing the most productive schooling atmosphere possible would be creating a new high school. Not only would it bring everyone involved in the school closer, but it would unite Paris as a whole. Having something to actually be proud of in the town would make students look forward to school. I also think teachers would be able to maximize their potential in teaching if they were able to use more high-tech equipment that is lacked at our school now. Sure we are getting smart boards, but if our new school was built with technology as the base priority, the teachers would have more possibilities. This could lead to a more hands on way of teaching that could potentially increase a students interest in school. Another thing I believe is the idea that something needs to be done to motivate students to do their best. Too many students do just enough to get by because they have no encouragement or incentives to do better.

  16. Students:
    I believe that students should strive to do their best in any learning situation, and they should try to learn as much knowledge as they can while in high school to ensure their success in the future.

    I believe that the teachers should try to challenge each student to do his or her best in every assignment. They should try to be role models for the students in the areas of dedication, determination, and discipline.

    I believe that parents have the responsibility to teach their children at a young age to crave the knowledge that will allow them to be dedicated to school and learning.

    I believe that the community should fully support each and every student to further their education. They should help the students to pursue any goals for the future and should help encourage students to be better citizens for the community of tomorrow.

  17. I believe that learning is a process in which teachers need to push their students to their full potential in order to gain the respect they deserve.
    I believe that students need to respect their school, teachers, and classmates. These actions will make our school a better place to learn.
    I believe that the teachers need to treat their students and colleagues with respect and gratitude.
    I believe parents need to be supportive of the students and teachers of Paris High School. Without the backing of the parents, PHS would not be the school it is today.
    I believe the community needs to focus more on the good that comes out of PHS versus the bad.

  18. Student: I believe that students need to be pushed to a level that the teacher thinks is best. If they can just go with the flow, it is not enough.

    Teachers: I believe that teachers not only need to treat their kids with respect, they need to treat them all equally.

    Parents: I believe that parents are a big roll in their students education, and need to push their kids to their best.

    Community: I believe the community needs to see the good in PHS and focus on how to make it better.

  19. On learning, I believe that teachers should challenge their students by making them want to learn. I think more students would pay attention and want to learn more if they were learning about things that will help them in the future.
    On students, I believe that students should want to challenge themselves. Many students in the high school are capable to succeed in the advanced classes they just aren’t motivated enough to do it.
    On teachers, I believe that it all starts with your teachers. Teachers are the ones who inspire and motivate us to do our best.
    On parents, I believe that parents should try to encourage their children to do their best in everything they participate in. If parents believe in their children then they will start to believe in themselves.
    On the community, I believe that our community should be supportive of all the decisions that our high school makes. If the community is supportive of academics as well as sports then it will make children want to do better because they know that the people of the community are behind them.

  20. I believe that learning is a key part in life everyone is going to learn something new every now and then. I believe that the new high school needs to incorporate learning on all level. This means that each students learning abilities need to be met as well as challenged in the classroom.

    Students need to be challenged in order to learn something. Homework is a nice start but the student has to complete the work. Plus the homework should be complete by one student not by coping it off another

    I believe teachers are a big part of a students learning. The question is why does a student like one teacher over the other? From prior experience I believe I have liked one teacher over another due to their personalities. Teachers who teach I think need to enjoy what they are doing or at least pretend.

    I believe parents have a huge chunk in a students learning and education. Parents need to support their children as well as set goals for them to achieve. When a student surpasses that goal the parent needs to then reward them.

    I believe with strong support from the community, a successful high school is in the future. The community has supported the high school for the first hundred years so another hundred looks bright.

  21. Kayla Sweet
    I believe that students should want to learn and want to be challenged in school. Many students just come to school because they have too and not because they want to learn. Trying to encourage students to want a challenge and want to succeed in high school would build a better rounded school in the future

    I believe learning what life is all about, you learn in school how to succeed in a career, you learn from mistakes to succeed in life and you learn from your peers on how to act and how not to act in your life. I think that learning is the biggest part to a school and you need a very open and friendly high school to help encourage the learning process to expand for students.

    I believe teachers are the beginning building blocks to life, besides learning what one knows from their parents and peers, teachers teach their students the basics of everything a person needs to know. They help prepare them for life and get them ready to be a successful in whatever they choose. I think a teachers personality and level of understanding helps them to connect to their students. I believe that in the new high school the teachers should be hired based on more then just their degree.

    I believe parents shape their children to be everything that they are. By the time a person is 6 years old they are the person they are going to be. If their parents love them, nurture them, and teach them right from wrong then the child will more then likely be a well rounded person. It is all about how a child is raised by the parent that shapes the child. If high school is in our community that is kid and parent friendly, I believe the high school have many more academic and athletic individuals because the support from the family will be greater.

    I think that living in a community that you feel comfortable in is important. I believe that the community helps to give you values. Our community already takes great pride in our high school and I believe that level of pride will rise as a new high school is built.

  22. I believe that PHS is doing better at preparing students for life after high school. I am a senior now, but in the last two years there has been great initiative to get students on the right tract.

    I believe that we make our own future an are guided by our school. We as individuals need to realize and put more time and effort into our school.

    I believe that the teachers are the backbone of our school and without them there would be no learning. They need to help, guide, and challenge us.

    I believe that our parents need to care about our school work and grades. If they don’t care then whose to say we as students should care. They should be supportive, but guiding so that we are on the right track throughout high school.

    I believe that our community is part of what makes our school. They need to be supportive and helping. Also they need to know what is going on in the school and encourage and put their input on ideas when needed

  23. I believe that learning is a process in which students become well rounded students in the community but now a days more and more students are becomming less and less interested on learning. This is where the teachers and the school is going to have to think on ways to get students interested in learining again.
    I believe that every student should be challenged because that in turn causes the students to want to learn more, students do need to take responsiblity for their education but the school is going to have to figure out how to get them interested in that for example incentives.
    I believe that teachers are there to teach the students but they also need to be supplied with the latest in technology to help with the teaching process because a dry lecture every day in class tends to burn students like me out.
    I believe that parents and the community need to work together with the school and figure something out to improve things so they dont remain as is.

  24. -On learning, I believe that what students are learning today will greatly help them in their path toward the future. Not only are we learning the basic subjects, but also things we can use in every day life.
    -On Students, I believe that we are not the children of tomorrow, but of today, because we are getting more of a say with things in society. I believe that we should not be put on the back burner, but be taken for what we have to say.
    – On teachers, I believe that they are giving us the information we need to have a future, not only in college, but years after. I believe that teachers today are much different than before, because they understand where we are coming from, which gives us a better connection.
    -On parents, I believe that they are the true teachers. They teach us things that we will never learn in school. They are our backbone. They support us no matter what.
    – On the community, I believe that they have supported the students of the town in a major way. People who live around the school let students park on their property, local businesses welcome students for lunch, many businesses offer scholarships to seniors, and much more.

    Kirsten Webb- 3rd hour- speech.

  25. On the subject of learning at PHS I think it needs to be more skill oriented. I also believe that the students need to be actively participating in their education. On the subject of what parents should do they need to be more active in their childrens educations. The parents also need to be more concerned with their childrens education. The community needs to be supportive of the ideas of the children. The teachers need to have more active discussions during their classes.
    Aaron Alexander 5th Hour Ap Us History

  26. *Learning is being able to take in knowlege that is available and using it in decision makeing.
    *Students need to be more willing to be chanlanged in school, if students do not plan to go to college they should learn skills in high school that will help them be a helpful citizen in the working community.
    *Teachers have to most important job and that is to teach thier students skills they can use in later life, I belive that teachers should care for every student they teach and if that means taking a kid to the side and giving them a stearn talk, well thats allways better than not caring at all if the students fail or not. The school came up with the mentoring group which i think is a great way for teachers to help thier students.
    *Parents should care and put effort into helping their kids pass high school and get a job or go to college later in life. Parents should make sure they teach their children good habits that make it easier to stay in school and pay attention.
    *Our Commuinty needs to be willing to help pay for turtors and supply or schools with more access to college and help the students deserve. We have a good community i think that supports our students and our sports.

  27. Learning: I agree with everything on here especially the last one. We as students dont like to be bored with what we are learning. It was has to be fun and something we will want to do. I also think in some ways it should be more inspirational.

    Students: I think students need to have an open attitude about school. If we dont make it sound horrible, then maybe it wont be. We should also take classed leaning towards what we want to do when we are older.

    Teachers: Teachers need to offer as much individual help as possible. They also need to understand and CARE how much there is we have to do and take that into consideration when giving us a ton of homework. Im not saying homework isnt needed, but sometimes its just rediculous and some teachers think its funny.

    Parents: I agree with all those things. Parents should be just like our own teachers at home and help us whenever needed and as much as they can. They need to support kids by going to sporting events. Some parents even need to try their hardest to make going to school a positive thing for their child.

    Community: Our school needs as much support from the community as anyone else. They should be involved with events at the school and kept up on information about our school.

  28. The reason students have so much problems with wanting to learn is because we get up early go to school and then get lugged down with homework. Personaly I would love school if it weren’t for all of the homework. Not only that but students are loaded down with extra ciricular activities and when students begin feeling the strain of all this work they begin to complain and teachers say that was the students choice to do all those activities which is also not true. Colleges look for well rounded students that are good grade wise and involved in multiple activities. I also understand that teachers need to give homework to drill stuff through students brains, but some teachers just give worksheets for busy work.
    also I believe that the school should go back to block scheduals. This will give teachers more time to teach things, and also give students more time to do the dreaded homework.

    J. Henson
    Ap hist 5th

  29. I agree that students should be challenged and that that parents should play a role in the education of their children. I think that we are lucky to have the teachers that we have at PHS, because they tend to genuinely care about the success of their students.
    I also believe that if these topics are priorities, they should be pursued now and not put off until the plans for the cooperative high school are lined out. However, many of the ideas stated remind me of those of politicians, extremely vague; they sound good but are presented with no way to be successfully enacted. I am of the opinion that schools, as institutions, have strayed from the original purpose of education and have gotten caught up in the rules and policies that have been applied in the past, some lacking in common sense and not enabling students to reach their full potential.
    Although I have much respect for administrators and faculty,I believe that the current education system is in need of extensive reform.

    Katlyn Wolfe

  30. ON LEARNING: I believe that it is very important for all teachers to try and instill a desire for learning. The school can help the teachers by creating curriculums that meet the needs of ALL kids.
    ON STUDENTS: Kids have to take pride in themselves and take ownership of their own future. No one can make you learn.
    ON TEACHERS: I believe teachers need to take the lead and learn new technology and apply it to the classroom and everyday life.
    ON PARENTS: Parents are the real teachers in their child’s lives. I agree that we need active role models who are there for us no matter what.
    ON COMMUMITY: I believe that while a new facility would be nice, it is not true that students cannot learn because we have an old building, but, we do need new technology and the latest in text books and materials to keep up with the changing times.

    Jessica Sinclair

  31. I believe that if students had more of a desire to learn and do well in school they would. Many student think they can get by, by just doing very little and skimming along by the smallest margin. I think if students were able to look forward to something they would have more of a desire to do well in school.
    Teachers should be able to adjust to each students needs and capabilities. Students learn in different ways, some of us like to be preached something while others like the hands on experience. I personally like hands on experiences.
    Parents should feel more responsable for their childs education. There are too many parents out there that just don’t care, that is why our school is the way it is. I think it’s a constant flow if one parent does not care then the child will not care and it just keeps going on like this.
    The community should be more involved in the schools activities. Our community does not school good school spirit until we make it to a big game. I think we need the community there all the time, it makes it all worth while.
    John Irwin

  32. I believe that the students should be challenged and building a new school would be a good opportunity to start over with our learning process. On the learning section,learning is a lifelong process and it takes a long time to finally figure out the way you learn best. The teachers are given a lot more new and advanced ways to teach the the students and they should be able to do this in a new enivornment. We do need the parents and the community on our side for this because without them i don’t think we would really have a chance in making it.

  33. How do we improve our school?

    Learning – the ability to effectively obtain and understand new knowledge, in order to better yourself and your community.

    Upon Graduation students should be able to…
    Continue on and further their education or enter the workforce based on what they have learned and been prepared for in high school.

    Teachers should…
    Work just as hard as they expect their students to, in order to better themselves as a teacher as well as bettering their students. They should teach in a way that is both as interesting as possible and understandable by their students level of education. They should really care about the success of every one of their students.

    Parents should…
    Be more controlling of their students behavior at school, nad encourage their students to perform better in school, while also providing as much help as possible. THEY SHOULD CARE.

    The Community Should…
    Get more involved in the school in every aspect, not just support at popular athletic activities, and when supporting PHS do so in a positive manner.

  34. I believe that learning shoe be a challenge and that different classes should challenge kids differently. I believe that it is up to the students to learn because if they don’t want to learn that will enable them. I believe that the teachers should do their best to keep up with the technology because the students learn easier if they are not just sitting in a boring lecture. I believe that parents should know where their are and what they are doing, because if the parent doesn’t care then the child won’t care. I believe that the community should be more involoved with the school’s accedemics, because in this community the pressure is on the athletics and not accedemics.

  35. I agree with everyone else about learning. It is important that we as students stay challenged, and have some fun. We should also have more skill oriented classes for some students at the high school. Our learning experiences will decide whether or not our generation can help make the world a better place. I also agree that both parents and teachers fhould make sure they do there part. They both need to be concerned about their students grades, and try to help them as much as possible. I think most teachers and parents do a good job at this, but not all. the community should also be more involved in school activities. This doesn’t mean they should just go to sporting events. there is much more that the students at PHS do and don’t get enough recognition. While supporting these activities they should try to do so in a positive manner so our town can try to get a better reputation, becasue ours isn’t the greatest.

  36. Learning – Discovering and understanding new things! It’s stuff that will help you in life whether it’s vocational knowledge or knowing not to drink the water in Mexico.

    The community – is awesome! They need to care about kids in school, sports and other school functions. Do something about problems that you can see!

    Teachers – be good teachers. A good teacher knows a lot on the subject they teach and knows how to share their knowledge with students.

    Parents – Raise your kids, teach them little things everyday even if the lesson is learned when your kids aren’t around. Care about students and make sure they get to tha School!~

  37. Today there are so many students at Paris that drop out of high school, they do this because they simply have no desire to be here. this comes from their parents. some kids’ parents push them to do great things, and those are the kids that stay in school and do well. There are some kids’ parents that simply don’t care, those are the kids that normally do poorly in class or else just drop out.

    teachers should have more of an understanding of what the other teachers are doing. they should also be more aware of school activities. let me explain: students shouldn’t have big projects assigned in 2 classes at once because they won’t have enough energy to do both well. And if a big paper is assigned on say, homecoming week, the students won’t be able to use much time to devote to the paper, or else be up late doing the paper and be less willing to participate in class discussion. I know that your main goal in school is to learn, but if that is the case then why do so many colleges want to see many activities on an application.

    that is all =]

    Gretta Patrick

  38. The initial belief statements are an excellent step in the right direction.
    On learning, it is difinately true that learning is a life long process. Learning just doesnt stop when you leave school. People of all ages learn something new every day. I especially like the bullet on wanting to instill students with the want to learn. You cant force feed students knowlege if they dont want to learn anything. Instead, you have to give students the desire to learn. Only then will they start to fully obtain the knowledge.
    On students, it is true that they have to be challenged. Even if a child is the best learner in the world, if he or she isnt being successfully challenged, then the student will start to loose interest or worse, they will not learn anything.
    On teachers, it is just as important to have motivated teaches as it is to have motivated students. If the teachers dont want to be there, then that lack of determination will rub off on the students. I agree with the bullet about having a 21st century classroom. Technology is a great teaching tool that can make learning easier and a lot more fun.
    On parents, they are the ones who need to be challenging the students the most. If the parents dont care at all about their child’s student life, then the student wont care at all either. The parent’s attitude toward school is a direct link to what their child will think as well.
    On the community, it plays a big part in the high school’s progress. Without the community’s help, the high school wont have successfull students, teachers, or a positive learning environment.

    -Logan Henness-

  39. I would add another section to the statement – administration. Adminstrators have a huge affect on a school and the quality of education that takes place. If teachers don’t feel supported and valued by the administration, morale goes down and so does teacher effort.

    Adminstrators should –

    a. Have high expectations for all staff members and make no exceptions for those who fail to do their best.
    b. Create an environment where all students are disciplined fairly and consistently.
    c. Provide meaningful inservices for staff members to learn and grow as educators.
    d. Be open to suggestions from staff, students, and the public – but yet provide strong leadership.

    I’m sure there are other items that should be added to the list! (And no one should read this as a indictment of the present administration – I just think ALL elements of a good school should be included in the statement.)

  40. Learning- the ability to efficiantly obtain knowledge throught gaining new skills

    Students- they should be able to leave high school with being prepared for going on to collage and having a knowledge of the career they want to pursue

    Teachers- teachers should be more concerned with teaching their students what they need to learn and be more up for helping students one on one with the things they are struggling with

    Parents- i think parents should encourage their kids to want to stay in school and they should actually care about their future, because if the parents are not supportive, then their kids are going to care less if they do well or not

    Community- the community should be more willing to support the school and students in every way possible and do so in a positive manner

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