“The ownership of the team lies with the players, not the coaches. We talked
about that at the half and before the game,” Elston added. “They stepped up and
took ownership in that second half, and that’s what we need them to continue to
do.”–Paris High School Basketball Coach Terry Elston.

Ownership in this context is taking responsibility. Responsibility to care. To nurture. To get what needs to be done finished. In education we have put a lot of emphasis on what the school needs to do. What the teachers need to do. There also needs to be emphasis put on the students taking ownership. After all, who benefits from the efforts made in education? Sure, people make a living providing it, but ultimately it is the student that should benefit. Who are students hurting when they do not care? Who are they hurting when they do not finish assignments or prepare for projects and assessments? The adults (meaning educators and parents) need to allow students to take that responsibility by providing opportunities at all ages for the student to be responsible and to experience consequences when responsibilities are not met. As an aside, student ownership in education would be a much easier sell if students were more actively engaged in their education!

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