2 thoughts on “This article made me think hmmmmm?

  1. Grading practices are always under debate…what is an “A” or “B”? Some folks around here discuss more of a PLC grading philosophy. They get it, they are on their way, or they don’t. Granted categories can be added or lingo changed, but maybe this is all we need. However, we live in a system where we have to come up with a number, especially for senior students applying for scholarships or entering university.

    Larry Ainsworth has some interesting stuff on grades as well. Sort of a way to make the above system work.

  2. Dave
    My comment is from an Australian perspective. I have had parents of primary school aged children complain about the grading some teachers gave and wanted it change so that their child wasn’t disadvantaged for a scholarship to an elite private school. One of the ways to combat this was that our teachers cross marked student work so there is a greater level of consistency between gradings.

    It seems some are so pre occupied with gradings which are often quickly forgotten in future years as they move on. Perhaps they had better read Tony Wagners book on rigour in curriculum and what 21st century survival skills are really needed.

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