This video is for our students….What Do You Think?

The students at PHS are a part of Generation WE. I would like to know what they think of the country they are inheriting. Is changing our dependence on fossil fuel their number one priority? Watch the video. Write your comments. Tell us what you think!

57 thoughts on “This video is for our students….What Do You Think?

  1. I can’t wait to see what our high school students think of this video clip. It’s nice to hear how active the generation is in politics. I know I’m continually shocked by all the facebook and myspace political activity.

  2. When we were asked to watch this video and post a comment about it I thought it was just going to be another thing that was going to add to my homework list. Although when I began to watch this I was astounded. I thought that this was amazingly true. My generation is the one that is going to lead our nation soon. I think that it is important that we take advantage of the resources that we have. We have at the age of 18 the right to vote. Many young adults do not take advatage of that right. In my opinion I think that we should vote becasue it will help change our nation in they ways that we want it to. Not only are we influeced with diseases and debt we are aslo struggling with other countries and we have the power to start changing this. We have more people in our generation than ever. This is making our people in poverty. Our generation is the ones that are leading our nation and it is important that we vote. In this 2008 election more young people are voting than they ever have. They are stepping up in our nation and when I come of voting age I will make sure I vote because me and my generation are the only ones that can make our nation better.
    -Breanna Norman-

  3. I believe that the United States is one of the greatest nations in the world. It is foolish and self-centered of us, as citizens, to dwell on the things that we do not have or simply do not yet have perfected. I agree that as a whole most Americans are tired of partisan politics, but I also think that an end to the two party system is highly unlikely and impractical because of moral issues. In general, people place to much trust and hope in the government and politicians, instead of looking for ways they can be beneficial to others. It is my firm opinion that we take too much for granted and should become more involved in assisting third-world nations instead of expressing discontentment with all the things that are available to us.

  4. I think that it is scary at how dependent this natinon has become on gas, but I also think that the U.S has pushed into everyone elses buisness when the leaders of our nation should have been focused more on the people. I don’t think we should be so isolated and unconcerned in other peoples problems because that’s sort of what got us into this mess in the beginning but I do think it’s time for the U.S. to focus on itself for a while. The fact that kids of my generation are out there and do realized this problem gives me hope. Now children from all across the nation are thinking of ways to save our future. One thing that I do believe is that the gas companines are frightening people away from finding alternative socres The reason this gas company are doing this is because they are greedy. Most people in this nation are greedy. The gas company people want suck up all the gas and the money then ride out their wealth as long as they can then they’ll have enough money to get themselves through the crisis until it is resolved. We as a nation do need to unite rich and poor, young and old. The problem with that is if we do elemenate the party system who will choose who runs for president? Politicians who have their own gain in mind. This is all a vicious cycle but I do believe that our generation has what it takes to break that cycle.

    J. Henson 1st

  5. I, personally believe that teens in the US need to try harder. Though I am not the greatest student I do work hard. Many teens in the US could care less what happens in the future. In one of the other blogs someone said something about voting. I am going to vote(when I come of age) but I also think people should REALLY think about the decisions they make. Vote for the best not the best looking or the richest one. Our resources are somewhat limited and need to be used alot better. So teens should really be thinking about the future of our country. Before theres no more future to think about…
    Ashley Scales

  6. Dave
    What a powerful clip that shows what this generation not only thinks but can do. I will show this to my senior 11/12 yo students in Australia for a reaction. Voting is compulsory here in Australia once you turn 18 yo. I wonder if that makes a difference to the way people feel about politics?
    Thanks for clip which I will transfer to my blog so that I can access it a little easier:

  7. this viedo states the truth all generations of americans have inharited a encreacing economic US. This will make us the first to not. But we have the power to change all of this. We have more people in our generation than any other. We do not want to leav an even less well of country for our kids..
    RJ Litteral hour 1

  8. I agree that Generation “We” is not a solid voting block, the video appears somewhat naive in that sense. But it is a generation heavily influenced by post modern thought and I believe as such tends to think much more differently.A massive scientific and industrial program to move America beyond fossil fuels by inventing the next generation of non-carbon based energy a program that will save the environment, end our dependence on foreign oil, create millions of jobs, and jump-start a massive economic boom. Generation We also answers the question, What can we do to help turn this vision of a better America into reality? We can inspire a generation to achieve new heights of greatness, allowing Americans to take back control of our lives, our communities, our country, and our future.

  9. Personally, I loved this video. It was inspiring to children of out generation. I think I went back and watched it 4 or 5 more times. It truely made me think about how much we have become reliant on our government to just fix everything. I know students, even in my creative writing class that I am blogging for, that did not even vote in our last week election. That is a scary process, realizing that our generation is truely the future.I mean at the end of next year I will legally be allowed to vote. I really enjoyed the video and have already recommended it to others. I mean it doesn’t miss any main target that has been going though my mind the past couple of months. By the next election my little brother is going to have a say in our country. This is our future, our generation, our lives and I think that we should unify and take full advantage of every opportunity given.
    Katrisha Sexton
    7th Hour Creative Writing

  10. its a great video. but i dont agree in all aspects of it. i do believe that when it comes time for me to old enough to vote, we will be out of debt and off depending on other nations for natural resources.

    Derek Leeman 3rd

  11. This generation we viedo is very inspiring. Yes I belive that our dependence on fossil fuel is an important priority in our country, but it is not number one. They did mention our health and short life spans, and the debt and poverty of our country, I belive that this is our most important problem we need to change. I disagree with one of the comments left that said politcal parties won’t end becuase of moral issues. Every person has there own belifs but that shouldn’t seperate us into groups. It should unit us as one. Isn’t that what American is? A united nation even with an abundance of differance. I think that our generation has the ability to change our nation for the better. All we have to do is try. Every single person put an effort for the better of our country, and we will bring improvement.

  12. I agree with most aspects of this video. Kids my age are going to be the next leaders who are going to have to inherit this massive national debt and figure out a solution. When you turn 18 you inherit the privilege of having the right to vote. It is shocking how many people do not seize such a great opportunity. I agree with the video in the fact that this nation is way to dependent on foreign fuels. With the way the national debt is headed banks are not going to be able to give out loans and middle class students will probably not able to afford college. My generation has the enormous task of leading a nation in turmoil but I think we are strong enough to figure it out and set our nation straight.
    Aaron Alexander
    7th Hour Creative Writing

  13. I think that generation WE is definitely ingerriting a nation that is in very very bad shape. I am hoping that the dependence on fossil fuel will change and I hope that our future leaders will be able to correct our past leaders mistakes. Our future leaders have a big job but, I know that we can do it as long as we continue to strive for perfection.
    Mary Kate Lackey
    7th hour Creative Writing

  14. Wow..I didn’t think that would be such a good video. Itis very informing in a very engaging way, and I totally agree with every thing that was being said. I really think generation WE can make a difference

  15. wow!
    this video was very inspirational for students to get involved. The Generation WE is a good thing.
    I agree with most of what generation We is about.

    3rd hour creative creative writting

  16. This video is 100% true. You look back on all of the 100 classes of PHS then look at our freshman, sophomores, juniors, and seniors. We have some of the largest numbers know to Paris High School. This year when the preseidential election was going on people urged 18 year old’s to vote in our school. Just think in about eight years from now we will have the largest voting number known to man. Since we have so many people, this will cause more pollution in our country. Why not start now? Clean up this planet and making it safe and environmentally sound for our children to come. This video has really made me begin to think about everything that is going to happen in the near future. This almost temps me to get on the generation we website.

    Haley Sears
    Creative Writing 3rd hour

  17. I agree with this video 100%. We as the youth of American has seen the country at the worst its been in a while. We know what needs to be changed and we are creative and well educated enough to come up with ideas to help country. I don’t think that changing our dependence on fossil fuel should be number one priority. How about trying to keep the population of out country alive?

    For a rich country we are very poor…

    A Caldwell
    7th hour creative writing.

  18. This video is good to show students that we need to get involved more with things that are happening right now because it can affect our future. I think that the teens involved in this group called WE is excellent. Seeing that kids our age are trying to help our future and are actually concerned is kind of neat. Not very often do you see teens actually care about anything along the terms of this topic because it doesn’t concern them right at this point in time. The government needs to focus in on the problems we have been struggling with for awhile, and straighten things out before worrying about other things that are going wrong. Listening to this movie clip about all of these teens wanting to restore and protect our environment, health, government, and also lots of other main points that need to be fixed is really a great idea and opportunity to get things to the way they need to be. I think this video was great for students to watch and hear what these teens have to say.

  19. I think that the video clip was a good clip. This Video is a good way for us students to realize somethings and to help us want to get more involved with everything going on in our country. I think that this Group of kids involved in this Generation We is a really good way to get them involved with our country. I myself worry about what is going to happen to our counrty and how everything is going now and how it is already effecting everyone. I think that our government needs to just stop and realize what is really going on in our country today. I think that this video was a good video for us students to watch.

    Tiffany 3rd Hour

  20. I believe that our generation will change the world of politics incredibly. At this point in time, we don’t have the option of looking the other way. Neither does the generation before us. The figures of debt in this country are astounding. I believe that things will begin to slowly change within the next few years as far as extensive research on alternative fuels. The improvement will be gradual, but I don’t believe politicians have the choice to look away any longer. Personally, I was unaware of the likelihood of getting cancer or diabetes. How this will be changed, I am unsure. There is no doubt, however, that our generation will bring great changes over time as we become able to vote and become more involved in our nation’s politics.

  21. I believe that this video clip is very true. Our generation is going to be hard if we don’t do something now about how things are. I want to have a good life and not have to worry about what horrible things could happen. We are a very lucky bunch to be one of the first of man kind to actually have all of this technology that we want and need. So now we need to use this technology for the betterment of our planet.

  22. I agree with this video all the way. I really liked it and agree that we should get involved with more things to make our future better. This people really encourage us to get out there and do something in our world before its too late. I think the generation WE is amazing!
    Megan Steele 1st hour

  23. This video was amazing. It is so true that we are inherating a country that is suffering in lots of aspects. WE have the power to change all of this and I think that our WE generation will. I dont think that fossil fuel is our first priority but maybe to get out of the ten trillon dollars in debt and use that money for countries poverty. WE !

    Nora Wright
    3rd hour creative writing

  24. This video was very interesting to me. To me, it shows that the nation will soon be dependednt upon our generation. Our generation will soon be making the decisions and those decisions will change lives greatly. If those decisions are not correct, the nation could possibly crumble. The video does force pressure upon us, but it is neat to think that in a matter of years, our generation will be the Americans that make the decisions for the whole country.
    Clay Bess
    1st Hour

  25. This video was a true inspiration, and made many valid points. Our generation has the power to make the bold and needed changes to point America in the right direction for the future; however, we must all come together and take that step as one. Now that we have made decisions to take action and change the aspects of our world, we must follow through. With our economy declining, global warming and other issues involving our planet, our dependence on fossil fuels, and other social problems such as education, now is the time to act. Why wait? Although a large majority of the youth in the United States still haven’t reached voting age, that doesn’t mean we can’t start making a difference. Riding bikes or carpooling to school and recycling trash or papers are just a few things even the youngest of children can do to help. Although our generation is inheriting a much different nation that what the generation before us recieved, we have the knowledge and the will to make the necessary changes. Just knowing that kids my age, younger, and older care enough to voice their opinions and carry out their actions is an awesome feeling. I truly believe the millenials will be strong leaders and carry our nation into the future.

  26. Trully we really do rely on our government to much to solve all of our problems. We need to actually think more about what we want and how we can sovle problems ourselves. Many people need to look at the issue when thinking about people not just who they think is more popular.
    Cara B. 1st

  27. Yes, we need to change our fossil fuels. In a later date, we will not have any of those fossil fuels anymore. We would not know what to do, so we need to think of some other ways of getting energy. It must be a safer way for the enviroment and us. We cannot depend of the goverment to do this we need to start thinking now so in the future we would not go in a world wide panic, that would not be good. We should start using low fuel cars and trucks, replant trees that cut down for paper or etc. items. Somethings like that because it will come faster than you know it.

    J. Knoepfel
    1st Hour

  28. I was really happy that we had to blog on this issue. This is one of the biggest issues we have the power to control.Most people don’t realize in their everyday activity that they are hurting the generations below them more and more. We really do depend on our government and everyone else to do everything for us. Most people don’t see the big picture. They just care whats in their life not their own children’s or children’s children. We must look ahead to what our life will be for future generations. The economy is so low that we need to be working harder and fast. I felt that this video was very good and I was happy to have my say in how great this is.

    Katie M.
    3rd Hour

  29. In my opinion, our nation depends on our government to solve almost all of our problems, like Cara said. I mean the video was truely inspirational, and it makes proves some good facts. Although, they are telling us that our generation depends on how to change things, and depends on us to direct the people in our nation in the right direction. Just as Cory said, we all need to come together, and take the step as one! Now that they we have made decisions, we need to go through with it. Even though some of us haven’t got the right to vote, we can still do things, also as Corie stated. This is my opinion on the whole thing.
    Tara Roberts Creative writing 1st

  30. This was totally not what i expected. Its amazing to think about all the things they mentioned that our country is going through. And that our generation is going to be in charge of taking care of these issues. We are adapting to many things in this world that several generations before have never used or even heard of. It is going to be our job to decrease our national debt, get away from our dependence on foreign oil and find cures for several incureable diseases. Even the generations now have to open their eyes and help come up with solutions to solve these issues our country is facing.

    G.J.G-1st hour

  31. I think that everything has when down since the world began and fossil fuils are poluting our economy and riuining our planet and our generation like that we wont live as long as our parents and stuff like that everything is different for us.

  32. This video clip has really made me stop and think. WE are this country’s future and WE need to step up to the plate. Instead of constantly relying on the government to fix everything, we need to start working together as one. People don’t realize the small things they could do to help change the world, such as recycling, helping clean up parks, or even picking up trash in their hometowns. I agree with all of the topices that this video discussed. It really iritates me when people throw trash out of a car window. There is so much WE could do to help our country that people don’t even think twice about. Instead of asking the government for help, let’s step it up and have our generation make this country what WE want it to be and know that it should be!!
    Brittany Clutteur
    7th hour
    Creative Writing

  33. I think it’s scary to know just what kind of world we are inheriting. It’s nice to know however that there is hope and if we all take the initiative that we can possibly bring America back to where it needs to be.
    -Dakota M. 3rd hour Creative Writing.

  34. the WE video clip really made me stop and think. it made me realize that we really are getting a nation on the downfall passed onto us. instead of a growing economy we have and are going to receive one that is no longer on the rise. WE as the youth and future recipients of this country have a responsibility to take over the arising problem that has been laid at our feet. this video says exactly that quite clearly.

  35. I think this video is great for many reasons because it pretty much says what everyone knows but does’nt want to confront for example. We are relying on the use of two many fossil fuels and in doing that we are poluting are enviroment very badly so we need to obviously find a compromise between the too so we dont cause anymore destruction then what we already have. Anouther thing is are educational issues we strongly need to address because like they say in that video by 2016 the youngest of us will reach voting age and thats a big deal because if we dont have a good education which will make all of us well rounded people then are votes wont be as well thought out so it could effect the way are government is going to be run and the funny thing is that the true fate of all of this is in are hands so pretty much if something goes wrong in the end it will be our faults. So thats why i believe that we need to look at the issues at hand and take them seriously and act in a positive way so that we can correct them and there for better our selfes as a whole so we dont keep makeing the same mistakes in the future.

  36. I think this video is good for everyone at out high school to watch. No matter how young we are we still need to worry and be concerned about what is going on in our economy. We don’t know what our future will bring us but we need to do what we can to make it the best.
    E.R. 3rd hour

  37. I don’t think relying on fossil fuels should be our number one priority when there are so many more problems that we face. This video inspired me, I agree with it. At school we learn so much about what’s going on in our country and we CAN find a way to help it.

    Jerica Fore
    Creative Writing 7th

  38. I agree with the video. Istead of growing as a counrty we are falling. Rely on everyone else instead of ourselfs. This video will help a lot of people stop and think.

    M. Hovis
    1st Hour

  39. this clip is rather frightening, it was a rather startling to find out that 1/2 of us will get cancer. the dependency on fossil fuels is a horrible thing. it is a rather large travesty that we cannot move on from this, we have all that is necessary to move on, but the public is not willing to accept change. therefore, we will be forever dependant until a generation is willing to take the chance to move to something new.
    Ross 3rd hour

  40. The clip I just watched was pretty motivational. Although, I don’t think fossil fuel is the most important change to be made. We are in an economic decline and our county will just have to learn to be more economic. I do that will be hard for many kids my age. I do believe that our generation will be more involved in voting. Just this election showed how many people cared about our country.
    evaughn 1st hour cr. writing

  41. This video was a very good video on showing everyone the problems we are facing or are ging to face very soon. We should not just be worried about fossil feuls and we should be worring about all of the other problems such as the countrys debt and the quality of the enviornment we are living in. If we dont take care of our enviornment better then the earth is going to be so polluted. Another thing that i liked was how they are persuing our generation that we need to vote. I think more people in my age group when we become of voting age will vote because we are being educated about politics and we know more about what we are talking about.

    D.Rogers creative writing 7th hour

  42. I personnal think that everything has decreased since the world began and fossil fuils pollute our economy. Which is ruining our planet and our generation like that, wont live as long as our parents and stuff like that makes everything totally different for our generation or for us in the future.

  43. I think this video is interesting on how that the youth today will be making major decisions in future years. We need to learn from our mistakes that our elder’s made and learn from them. We can not depend on natural resources for all our nations economy.

  44. This video was very interesting to me. It made me realized just what is going to happen in the future and where we are going to be. Its crazy that we have come so depended on gas. There are so many things that we could do to make it better. We could ride bikes, car pool, or even recycle. I also believe that we can start making changes now, to better our future.

    Brittany Garwood 1st hour Creative Writing

  45. This clip was very informative. There was lots of information to be retained. I think lots of people dont realize how much pollution and debt and whatnot there is. I hope we can help to at least fix part of the damage.
    J. Keys creative writing 3rd

  46. I think this video was really good on showing how our generation is trying to help make America a better place for everybody. It deffinatly made me think about the stuff that I as one person could do for the sake of the country. We shouldn’t rely on the government to fix every single mistake that we have made in the past and that we will probably continue to make in the future. We could deffinatly come up with ideas ourselves that might correct the world in anyway, shape or form.

    Serena Wells 3rd hour Creative Writing

  47. I think that this video was surprisingly true. Our generation will run this country soon. That thought, to me, is very scary. Not many people in our generation are very concerned about what will happen. This country is very much in debt but not as much as other countries. I do not think that our country is the worst or will ever be the worst thing that could happen to us. Our generation, I think, will learn to care about the economy and everything like that. I just do not think that it will be any time soon.
    Tylynn Sanders
    7th hour Doughan

  48. i think our generation has the power and the mind set to turn our country around by not polluating and start using plantet safe resouces.

  49. This video has really gotten me thinking about a lot. Mostly the fact that they are predicting for hearly half of our generation to develop cancer. This is most definately the scariest thing that I have heard in a long time. I can’t believe that all of these great technologies that we use all of the time may be causing cancer in our bodies the whole time we use them. Also, we are inheriting a nation with entirely too much debt. I don’t even know how it is possible to be one of the richest country’s when we owe that much monery. It is just ridiculous! With our economy being in such bad shape, I am hoping that our generation can make a great difference and make the economy of the United States one of the best.

  50. Being part of generation WE, i believe that changing our dependence on fossil fuel is not our number 1 priority. First of all, we should work on getting our nation back to the way it should be. In other words, it should not be corrupted as it is becoming. Also, we need to worry about helping out those who are in poverty and are starving. In my opinion, dependence on fossil fuel is one of the last things we need to worry about right now. Being part of this generation, it is scary that the statistics say that half of us will develop cancer and that our life spans are chanced at being shorter than previous generations. We have a lot to face at our age, but it will tremendously affect our future .

  51. I believe that we really should change our dependence on fossil fuel because we are ruining a planet that was once beautiful.We are killing ourselves off. Being a part of generation WE is terrifing. We have a chance to save this planet, yet we our generation doesn’t put forth the effort.We have a lot to face in the future and it’s going to take a lot to restore our enviormental and political methods. There is a lot of poverty in this country that is one of the main things that needs to be taken care of fast. I agree and believe changing our dependence on fossil fuel is one of our number 1 priorities. Tabi Wimsett 7th hour Creative Writing

  52. This video has really made me think. Being part of the generation of the WE, i belive that we need to change a lot of different decisoions for the future. It is really kind of scary if you think about it. Thats like3/4s of my creative writing class having cancer. Really scary if you ask me.It is also kind of scary that our life spans being shorter than pervious generations. We have a lot to look foward too at our age, but we need too look more on the future and keeping all of us safter.
    Alex Sanders, 3rd Hour Creative Wrighting

  53. This clip really moved me… It showed me many things i didn’t know about my generation. I think it’s awesome how involved our generation is: for example, politics. Everyone was really excited for the election.
    I’m not too worried about fossil fuels… I don’t think we’ll need them in this lifetime.
    I hope others become as moved as I was when i watched this clip. =]

    Millie Arp 3rd hour

  54. My Favorite part of this video was the fact that it was kids just like us saying what they think rather than a bunch of grown ups saying what they think we should think. I personally think that everyone should vote, if you don’t you can’t complain about the way the government works, because you basically didn’t have any say.
    The emerging “we” generation is getting at the age to vote if they are not already, and some people don’t.
    The video raised the issue of the energy and economy crises, and if you are upset about it, then you have to do something! If nothing else, vote for the people who you think will take care of it. Then if that person doesn’t do things the way you like, or the person you like doesn’t get elected, then you can complain.

  55. Generation WE is very inspiring. I believe that our generation can change the outlook of America and the also the future of our country. It is so important that we all come together as one and work through these problems. This video got me to think about many things that I would never have even thought about in my spare time. I think all students in our high school should be required to watch this and state their opinion. I, for one can’t wait until I am able to vote. I think that even though we are young we still have an opinion because it deals with our future also. I loved this video.
    K.E. 1st hour 🙂

  56. I liked this video alot. Our generation is the next generation and I think we are full of great and new ideas. I think the questions about the economy and polution are very important. This is especially true for us of the we generation becuase these are the problems we will have to face and fix as we grow up and take the role of leaders of this world.

  57. I am glad that we had the chance to watch this video and be able to blog about everyones opinions. Knowing that our generation is the next generation is kind of scary to me. We all need to wake up and be mature about our actions and our doings. We will all be turning eighteen shortly, or some of us may already be eighteen and have the change to vote. So many kids do not even realize how big of a privledge that is and how great of an opportunity it is. The country we are inheriting is a mess. With the military and economic issues. We need to wake up and realize that we are going to have to do something about it and to step up and be leaders. We need and can change the country.

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