One thought on “Where are we?

  1. I watch this video, and I have so many ideas about it…I just wish I knew how to get every student to that point. Technology does leave some people behind, but it is time to get everyone the same opportunities or else schools and communities will fail their young people. I include communities because so often a school’s hands are tied because of the community and its mindsets. If we can break down those barriers and show the need for a change in education then this kind of change can truly happen.

    I agree that teachers need the time to do the research and find global connections. I think this is another barrier because we are asked to do so much already that some are overwhelmed. However, I do not advocate that stance. In the overall scheme of things, educators have so much power over young minds that we need to be willing to make necessary changes in order to stimulate those minds at new levels.

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